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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny C! View Post
    I went through my formative years on 1911's,
    as well as, Hi Powers, and made the switch to
    Glocks for carry a few years ago. I didn't try to
    make my Glocks into 1911, but the single best
    improvement I have found across the board to
    help the stock Glock is to add a flat faced trigger.

    Flat trigger -- even with a stock everything else -- made a huge difference for me. I still have two more pistols to go before all mine have one. Guess I need to put in an order for some trigger shoes this weekend.
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    Gabe, delete as you see fit. It's your house.

    Regarding 2011 double stack mags, consider MBX Extreme. I have them in .45 and they have been 100%.

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