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    Quote Originally Posted by IANative View Post
    What is the best/most compact way of wrapping/folding the RATS for pocket carry? Any pics?
    One of my students last year was a bouncer who wore rather tight pants making pocket carry uncomfortable, so he said his solution was to loop his opened RAT over his belt and run the loop over his waistband and down his pant leg. Cover with pullover shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Gabe, which Spyderco model is that?
    Waitin' for a squeeze...

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    “Flat Packed” SOFTT-W front pocket for 3 years. Takes up the same space as a wallet or phone.

    ITS Tactical is where I found how to “Flat Pack”.

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    I have seen a few guys figure out a way to wear a RATS inside their belt loops around their waist. With a gun belt also. I haven't spent any real time on it, but it wasn't exactly noticeable. Maybe if a gunbelt maker were to make elastic loops on the bottom edge of the gun belt it would keep the thing in position? Just my first thought.

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    I have a few rats rolled flat(think like a fire hose) stored with Israeli bandages inside neoprene beer coozies. They fit nicely in a back or cargo pocket. I’ll post a picture when I’m able.

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    Heres my opinion like everyone else the CAT or the SOFTT-W are pretty much the gold standards in tourniquets. I have worked in Fire and EMS for over a dozen years and have used CATs exclusively. But carrying a CAT is not easy in normal civilian clothes. I would always much rather have a CAT then a RATS but its just not practical.

    This is what I found works for me. It is an elastic loop that I roll that RATS in and slip it on my belt. The specific one I have is marketed as being for that. I can access it from either side of the elastic and it rides on the inside of my belt above my left side back pocket. I found that outside the belt it showed too much of a bulge but under the belt you can't tell its there and it doesn't bother me too much. I guess you would say at around 7 oclock. I also carry two chest seals and a quikclot combat gauze in the left side back pocket as they are mostly flat and I dont mind them in there.

    As a side note like others said somewhere up higher in this thread, I have carried med supplies in an ankle carrier but it doesn't work with all pants, and to me it's just downright uncomfortable although I could carry a CAT when it does work with the pants I am wearing.



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