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    not trying to advertise so didn't post a link, but I went to the RATS Medical website to order one to try out (they only list the Gen 2s) and they also list IWB and OWB carriers made of Kydex. Ordered the OWB model since already carrying mag and pistol IWB along with a green RAT to try. I can't seem to find the NATOs yet
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    I keep my RATS in my back pocket. I also carry a backpack to and from work that stays underneath my desk that has a CAT Gen2 in it. The RATS has the “three finger loop” maintained in my back pocket. Seems to be the best fit for me, for now.

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    I carry a Soft-t and a set of chest seals in a case the size of a thick wallet.
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    I don’t want to push other people’s products so if the Mods see this and need to delete it, no offense taken.
    With that said, I have been wearing an ankle med kit from Warrior Poets and it has turned out to be wonderful. I don’t even realize I have it on. Very light weight and comfortable. It looks bulky and I was skeptical until wearing it around for a month. It won’t fit skinny jeans but hides fine under my normal jeans and work pants.
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