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Ah, I should have made it clear that the CCW class I attended was not a Suarez facility. Probably obvious, but just to clarify. The scolding from IDPA officials was for completely the wrong reason: They disallowed holstering with a loaded weapon. Of course, we SI students would never holster an empty weapon if we have a spare magazine.
I used to go to some IDPA-esque competitions at a range near me. Eventually I quit going because I usually had other activities on the nights when the competitions were offered, even though it was fun. Something that always bugged me: The range guys who ran these things would refer to the competitions as "training." While I did learn some things about acquiring my sights on target quickly while trying to move through a course quickly, consciously keeping my head calm and level, and moving efficiently, I never liked that overlap of categories. Competitions are fun, but they sure ain't fight training.

Obviously you know that, but this is just me thinking out loud. Moral of the story is, glad you knew that the proper habit is holstering a loaded firearm, not an unloaded one, leastways so far as a fight situation is concerned.