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    Default Strikefire II - Dot Visible from Front

    I have recently started experimenting with 2nd tier optics, specifically Vortex. I have seen them very deeply discounted models, and most of what I see is descent reviews. I picked up a Strikefire II. I have just had a shot range time with it (to zero and punch some paper. It did what it was supposed to, but when I got it home I noticed the dot was visible from the front (i.e. the bad guy side). The below pic was taken in regular indoor daylight, it is far more pronounced when in low(er) light conditions. This is not an issue if your targets are not shooting back, but can be an issue on a 2-way range.

    Sidenote: I had a killFlash (for an AimPoint M-68) which is does fit the Strikefire II, but it does not fix/change the above issue.


    PS - I have various AimPoint, EOTech, Leupold, Trijicon, etc. on my "serious" guns, but cannot afford to outfit all with these, so the "save up and buy a . . ." comments are not useful. Additionally, I think there is a certain amount of utility in having hands-on experience with a wide range of brands and qualities, so if/when I find a great deal on a brand I wouldn't typically buy, I may try it out. If it turns out to be worth keeping, great. If not, it becomes trade fodder.
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    Interesting find and thanks for sharing. Now I have some homework to do. I too have Tier 1 optics on my go-to arsenal, but also use other brands on my understudies.

    homework update. All was done in complete darkness.

    the following has same results as OP - PA micro, holosun micro HS503R & HS510C, Leatherwood RDS hi-lux micro B-max, aimpoint T1 & comp m3. Depending on the placement of the LED and especially the setting also factors on where it can be seen. Also the same results when using a killflash , it didn’t remove but rather diminish the ability to see the led from the other side. The worse was the PA fixed 3X prism gen 2 scope with ACSS reticle. Not only could I see it from the other side but could identify the reticle in a upside down position.

    trijicon RMR - same result as above but its very faint even at high setting.

    interesting on the EOTech 512 & Mepro RDS M5 - I could only see the Laser diode at an extreme angle from above and it was just a glimpse but nothing from straight and below line of sight. Not surprising given the laser pathway of the Eotech. For the Eotech there was a faint red glow bottom and the top of the inside of its hood, but that again depend on setting which was set 2nd to highest. Also the Mepro M21 - was the winner of the bunch that works off fiberoptic and tritium where in complete darkness there was no illumination to identify. Given that the ACOG works in this fashion, I would presume the same results.

    these findings were to satisfy of my own curiosity thanks to the OP. The same remains that tier 1 are on my go-to’s while all else are on my understudies. Sorry no pics as my phone camera sucks
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