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    I hate to say it but since I left 10 years ago GCSO has hired quite a few young fear biter type officers. Sad to say.
    I am in a sunny place full of shady people

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    To add... my monday morning quarterbacking,
    This is a bad situation, did the officer fire simply at the presence of a weapon? No verbal or visual threat ? Here in the free part of the northeast we would encounter firearms often on a call and had to learn what was a threat and what was not. The presence alone iis not reason to fire upon an individual. The officers verbal challenges or announcements not being responded to are one reason to escallate but dont seem to escallate to a point of opening fire. The homeowner needs a good lesson in how to engage with the authorities and shoould have picked up his phone before venturing out of his bedroom (assuming that no other friendlies were in the home) and called 911 who should have been able to advise him on responding units.

    My concern is that too many officers appear to be getting taught at the academies that the presence of a gun alone is a cause for deadly force. Dump civilians and administrative only commands command structures are a nightmare.

    I never want to be critical of any officer without good reason, in my book the officer owns the shots and they were not justified. He could have used dispatch prior to arrival (reverse 911- the phone book ...) !

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    I tend to agree with previous posters that the shooting could have been avoided, in some way. But, I cannot blame the deputy for drawing and firing, given what he saw and thus the clearly articulable perception he had ("You pointed a gun at me, man.").

    But preclusion--how does this play into this situation, given that the shooter was LE? He could have moved, I think, but given where he was standing at the time and the fact that he was investigating a potential home invasion, it would seem he had little to no way to preclude the shoot. "Regrettable but inevitable" I think is the best summary so far.

    I can't imagine a similar scenario for CCW, so I don't suppose there's too much point in considering how CCW would preclude this scenario, given that they won't be going on a perimeter check like this (I hope, at least).

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