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Thread: Backpack insert

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    Default I recommend Hardwire LLC products

    Hardwire LLC makes hard and soft inserts for bags/backpacks rated 3a. They also make level 3 inserts. The clipboards and whiteboards are handy. My family and several co-workers use these for work and travel without problems. My clipboard has been in daily use for over 3 years and is holding up great. The level IIIA 10" x13" soft insert weighs 0.51 lbs and it's nominally 1/8" thick. The level IIIA 11" x17" soft insert weighs 0.7 lbs. The level III 10"x13" hard insert is 3/4" thick and weighs 3.5 lbs. They sell IIIA samples for you to test yourself. I have some multi hit capable level III rifle plates in my TECC plate carrier and they carry a 25 year warranty.
    Good stuff from Hardwire LLC. Ramble off.
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    Paging Woodhouse. He was working with a company, might have even been Hardwire on this stuff, but I think he might be deployed.
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    Thanks all. Home school is not in the cards, we are thankfully very happy with the education he is getting at public school in our area.

    I will take a look at some of your recommendations, and greatly appreciate the help.

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