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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertGuy View Post
    I'm surprised there's not pre-drilled holes on the Remington 870 for a rail.
    Because it's cheaper to produce and most people don't want/need it.

    I'm surprised there's not a saddle rail, without ammo carrier.
    Because saddles are already wide enough without the additional width of a rail and attachment. Standard for saddle attachment is using the existing pin holes.

    I was hoping to avoid the transport hassles of a firearm for custom work.
    Then the best option would be the rail and 6 or 4 round saddle that Gabe posted. Bulkier than the RMR attachment but it's something you can install yourself.

    For the stocked home defense shotgun...
    From SI's website I am assuming the preferred optic is the micro red dot RMR (regardless of the stakeout or full stock/length), not something with more field of view like the Eotech or having a picatinny rail installed instead of the RMR mount.
    The Eotech is relatively big and unwieldy for a shotgun. The RMR or Holosun window has a plenty big enough field of view...up close your focus shouldn't be inside the window anyway. You see the target and the dot is just superimposed on it.
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    ^^^ This

    I can bust clays with an RMRd PGO so I damn well know I can bust a person with any shotty with an RMR.
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