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    Very nice, I've added that to the list..

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    These Spyderco blades I ordered from SI are very nice additions to my daily carry gear.

    I have tried neck carry knives in the past and could never find one that I would put up with for very long. Either, bulky or far too small for effective use. The Spyderco ARK fits the role of neck carry very well. Slim, light, small, but effective handle, plus corrosion resistant H1 steel, especially during the Gulf Coast summer weather.

    The Spyderco Yojimbo 2 is a beast of a blade, in an easy to carry format.20190828_120008.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by COG View Post
    I've worn an "ARK" for the last couple years, but worn some type of neck knife 30 plus.. I like the little Spyderco best of any that I've worn. I totally forgot I still had it on the other day when I went in for xrays on my neck, that is until I pulled my shirt off during the exam. The xray tech made a comment "you expecting trouble?"; I just replied - always....

    BTW, mine came with a quality stainless bead chain.
    Hello everyone. I have gotten that same response from colleagues (that aren't prepared for ANYTHING). I have carried a knife or knives since I was a kid, perhaps partly due to being in the woods a lot, etc. In fact, I carry even around the house and yard. We have two little terriers that we walk every night and have been stalked within about 30 meters by coyotes. We have a pack that lives about 5 blocks from our house and we walk right past the marsh they call home. So, on many levels we must be prepared to protect ours and ourselves. What I do not understand about these colleagues of mine, is that many are very objective, PhD level educated folks that fully embrace science, evidence, etc. Yet, when confronted with facts, evidence that there are dangers among us, it just does not register with them that they ought to be mitigating the very real risks out there. It blows my mind. Nonetheless, I loved your response to the xray tech!

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    Just got one to send to my sister, she is a rafter and always has a larger utility knife or kabar type and wanted something small for quick work when needed, this will fit the bill perfect. Plus she can utilize it everyday as well. Thanks

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