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    Quote Originally Posted by Forklift View Post
    If you could please be sure to update things here, I'd snatch up one of those.
    10-4. When I receive my holsters for the Seecamp, I will post pictures and a quick, initial review of the products.

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    I ended up getting a generic ComforTac bellyband and an npe holster from Gabe. Once I decide on and execute a method to affix the holster into the bellyband I will post up my thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otis View Post
    ... The fit and finish (including retention) of the Crossbreed kydex is less than I like,...
    I have a lot of their holsters and i usually remold the front trigger area to make it lock in better. I set mine up so it stays in loaded when turned upside down. once you put it on, it only gets tighter.
    Alan Warfield

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    Another update: Jason received the Seecamp mold today and has added the Seecamp to his website. I placed my order and will post here pix and a quick initial review.

    By the way, if you look at his site, the Pit Viper, the model that goes with the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band, is not listed as such, but rather is listed as "Off Body Holster."

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    A real quick update on the kydex.

    Some concerns popped up with the Pit Viper. Before I get into that, I would like to share that the fit and finish of the holster is all I expected it to be coming from Jason. Excellent product in regards to fit and finish. I've used a Pit Viper with a variety of polymer guns ranging from the G17 down to a Kahr P380. I have had zero issues show up with this holster in the polymer handguns. However, with the Seecamp, being an all metal handgun with a bit more weight, the retention of the holster doesn't seem adequate. I've tried adjusting the retention a bit and will some more, however, the gun has fallen out of the holster for me a few times now.

    I have been using the ASP 3.0 with the Seecamp quite extensively, also. To this point, I have had zero issues with this holster and the fit and finish has been great as well. Retention for the heavier all metal Seecamp seems to be just right. At this point, I can provide a cautious thumbs up for the ASP 3.0. I will continue to use the product and provide any pertinent feedback as it becomes available but I am very satisfied with all aspects of this holster for the Seecamp.

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