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    Default TAI SABAKI

    Have a look. Pretty good explanation. Look beyond technique and see if you can discern strategies and tactics

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    I like the Teisho-Uke that takes the other arm out of the fight immediately-The Attacker has to move/turn to Strike you with the other arm. While Striking the neck with your forearm at the same time uses a Simultaneous Block & Strike Technique instead of a one two-Block and then Strike.

    The forearm on the neck and pressing down with the Teisho hand also keeps you in contact with the attacker using friction, allowing you to "know" where the Attacker is and to read his intention using your sense of touch, the things we discussed in the Aikido Throw Thread, things that are very useful in Grappling Range.

    It is also a very good training tool in the beginning to teach the student not to step out to far, getting to know what the effective range for Sabaki`s are able the gauge the distance being attached to the opponent.

    If you are unable to snake your arm underneath the Attackers to complete the technique you can simply continue to take a step forward and move in behind the Attacker, being out of the Line of Attack, "taking his back" At this point he is facing away from you, momentarily unable to attack you and you can choose to take him to the ground/use Strikes to vulnerable targets now exposed to end the attack.

    If you complete the sequence you can either choose to ram the Attacker`s head into the wall/make him eat a knee while breaking contact. Useful when more Attackers suddenly arrive on scene.

    Lastly the grip seems natural/instinctive.


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