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    We were working on grappling (clinch work) just last night in class.

    I wish I had the camera going all the time, but it's hard to teach and film at the same time.

    One of the points of focus last night was extricating an arm from the clinch...if you want to hit the guy you have to get your hands free. Of course, you can hit with other stuff (head butts, kicks etc.) but that wasn't last night's emphasis. I think a huge aspect of Karate is about keeping your weapons free and clearing a path to strike (i.e. getting your hands out of his grasp, getting his arms out of your way, and moving into more advantageous striking positions).
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    I like the first technique for the fact that you can use it to get out of Grappling Range immediately.

    It is also a great set up for the Standing Rear Naked Choke, pulling the Attacker into the Choke.

    I would not use/teach the second technique if you don`t have a lot of experience in Judo Range.

    Needing to spend some time on Shoulder Throws first until the technique becomes instinctive.

    If you then happen to find yourself in the perfect position to apply the throw you will be able to use it naturally, smoothly and quickly.

    With no experience in Grappling the Karateka exposes his back to the Attacker and does not take advantage of his own training experience-What he is good at, Striking.

    The third technique also have a couple of natural/instinctive techniques. Stepping back and dropping your weight, to prevent the Double Leg Take-down

    Standing straight up applying pressure to the Choke.

    And if I am interpreting the last part correctly you simply continue to circle in the same direction in which you are twisting the neck to complete the throw. Again using the same natural grip that was used in the Sabaki clip.


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