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    Default Homicide Investigation Managment

    Just wrapped up the Winning the Aftermath:Homicide Investigation Managment class and I wanted to post about it but wasn't exactly sure where to put the post, but Mind Dojo made the most sense.

    As we learned in class getting your head right and understanding the motivations of all parties involved in a self-defense shooting's subsequent investigation is the first step in asserting control of you own destiny.

    The class gave us the tools and showed us how to effectively use them to steer the inquiry to the acknowledgement of your victim status.

    It's like you're playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

    I just flipped through my 62 full pages of hand written notes and wow, this was a jammed packed weekend.

    I can not recommend this class enough. It is a must for everyone that carries concealed. The tools taught can keep you out of jail and your money in YOUR bank account.

    Erik Maddocks
    Erik Maddocks
    Certified Firearms Instructor

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    Shooting classes are great. This class takes your mindset to the next level. You've trained yourself to take action in a use of force event. This class teaches you how to justify your action. To be able to explain to various levels of law enforcement your perspective of the event. To get them to see you rightfully as the victim. To get them to nod in agreement and possibly literally say they would have done the same in your shoes.

    Now what do gun owners really fret over? The idea of getting destroyed in court. Getting critiqued for every thought and action. Look, it's not that bad. In this class you will learn how to minimize gray areas that can trip you up. A justified shoot is a justified shoot. Prosecutors have a pretty good idea if they can win a case against you. If you're obviously justified, they aren't going to bother.

    I went into this class knowing I was way out of my element. I don't say much of anything to anybody on a normal day. I'm not good at conversation. I knew this was an important tool to have in the toolbox. My confidence level is way higher after this. Now I didn't become a social butterfly, but I feel more confident in articulating my perspective.

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