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    Guns are weapons. Weapons are tools. And tools make our job easier. Each should serve a need or role. Some are highly specialized and quality matters.

    The handgun is similar to the multi-tool. Its greatest virtue is we can usually carry it everyday unnoticed and it will likely do the job well enough.

    Know what you're trying to do and pick the right tool. Also avoid getting pathologically attached to certain tools...

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    Yes...the handgun IS comparable to a multi-tool.

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    The pistol is what I always have with me or near me, and thus is what I will use if today is the day. Almost all of my training is to respond with the pistol. I have rifles because I want them, but they are at usually at home, where they are least likely to be needed. But I want them, and plenty of ammo for them and my pistols.

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    Remember gang to not conflate the 3 categories of Role/Niche/Envelope:

    Envelope is dependent on the tool, likely target/engagement, and the skill level of it's user.

    Niche is what it is, it's what the tool was specifically designed to do and it's intended use.

    Role is the mission, so this is where you make the decision on what tool best fits your needs for likelihood of use. You need to evaluate the role's envelope and select the best niche tool for the job.
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