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    Too many shops have signs "Leave backpacks at counter."

    I'm not leaving my Scorpion at the counter, so it stays at home. The RDS Shockwave rolls with me in the Hummer for grouse, bears and bad guys.

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    Remembet what I said about the bad guy being visually identified as the guy with the rifle. Almost as if on cue...

    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

    Suarez International USA Headquarters

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    Learned lots here, thank you very much.

    Gone back to lurking as my interest shifts elsewhere, but like to read these threads from time to time.

    This is a really good one, because i can reference it back to my experiences of South Africa pre 1995 and some limited holidays there since then.

    Its quite ironic that we have access to what they desperately need and yet we dont have the same nescessity for it. They have the nescessity and are disallowed it.

    An interesting article i read was by a large firearm importer in SA justifying their mark-up. He said that one needs an export permit from the country of manufacture and an import permit for SA. The former can be very hard to obtain, and almost impossible to obtain from Italy, in the case of SA. Lowdown is, they are being disarmed as their situatuon becomes more dire and their selection of weapons is greatly reduced.

    I remember when my daughter, our first child, was born in 1990, waking up to needing weapons for them too when they grow up. It was too late to hide stuff, gun registration had always been a fact of life.

    Here and now, we can look ahead and configure systems and prepare for the future. You dont have to risk 10 years in prison to swap a loaf of bread for an rusty AK at the Mozambique border fence.

    Weapons enable freedom of movement, even too and from work. Like my cousin has now, the only work for you and yours might be in a dangerous place, one day. America has plenty of those.

    That we can choose to avoid them in the USA should not be taken for granted. My cousin is yet another formerly first world person forced to become a migrant worker to support his family. He drives from, and then back to Richards Bay, every weekend, to be with his wife and kids in Durban. I refuse to correspond with him anymore. I cant stand a man who spent his entire adult life in a dangerous place, and only has a .380 to show for his preps.

    My BIL is the same, he has another CZ than my cousin, the single stack .32. He seems to keep it for pointing at unsuspecting family members (from his pocket), but that's another story.

    My paternal aunt and her husband fore-swear guns in favor of some or other enlightened viewpoint. My maternal aunt has always felt well armed with an open container of white wine.

    You couldn't make this shit up. And, they will be sure not to tell you how many times they have been robbed, carjacked and home invaded. They used to tell, 30 odd years ago, but no more.

    "Options", "windows of opportunity," these are very real phenomenon. The pistol is awesome, but factor-in being able to take that job no sheeple want to risk getting to and from, should the need arise. Also, being a close protection or overwatch. I've got mine.

    FOR INTEREST only: My wife's sister is getting out, going to the Netherlands. Just seven or eight problems with that, so late in the day:

    The family farm will be forfeit, you cant get anything for it since confiscation without compensation was announced by the government.

    Selling a free standing luxury home is hell. The market is saturated from wealthy people emigrating and the preference for gated communities.

    She has presented herself at Home Affairs offices four times lately. From their indolent demeanor her vast experience of Indigenous South Africans told her that her passport application forms were being tossed in the wastebasket.

    On the fourth visit she demanded to see the woman civil servant who served her. The man who took her back returned out of the womans office with Janine's application all crumpled up. My SIL confronted her as to why she threw it away. The woman said, "i dont know how to process it."

    She must take their 13 year old son to a country that is highly promiscuous, and only has co-ed international and other schools. This after he has spent 4 years in an English style private school for boys. She didn't raise her son for some euro-hussy to debase his morals.

    If she doesn't liquidate their assets very quickly the SA Rand will devalue significantly in November, as the SA market is ranked junk status by the only one of three rating agencies still holding it a notch higher than junk. In which case, the proceeds of their paid off luxury home, set in pure paradise on earth, will pay the minimum deposit on a comparitively shite home in Netherlands.

    She is going to lose her ideal climate, ideal topography, ideal fauna and flora, and of course beautiful home. Not to mention her language, culture, values etc.

    She is very angry at the Indigenous, right now. Her husband works contract in the Stans in the oil industry and they must create a new domicile, or pay exorbitant tax to SA starting in 2020.

    Anyhow, not to derail the thread, just to say that countries dont stay as they are for the rest of your life. Medium term outlook for the USA may be eurosocialist state with 30% dependancy on welfare. Severely Depressed Economy is all it will take to justify your efforts.

    Prepare accordingly with guns in bags etc, and long live Donald Trump. Up
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