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    Default What is your opinion on using a PDW, submachine, or SBR?

    What is your opinion on using one of them tactically and legally for home defense, or keeping one in your backpack throughout the day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shogunater View Post
    What is your opinion on using one of them tactically and legally for home defense, or keeping one in your backpack throughout the day?
    Since I do not normally carry a backpack during the day I have no opinion on putting a PDW in one for carry. In the home in my state as far as I know legally for self defense it is the same as any other weapon.
    Tactically, Currently my to go guns for around the home are pistol and pump shotgun. But that could change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    Since I do not normally carry a backpack during the day I have no opinion on putting a PDW in one for carry. In the home in my state as far as I know legally for self defense it is the same as any other weapon.
    Tactically, Currently my to go guns for around the home are pistol and pump shotgun. But that could change.
    For home defense I was using my G19 carry pistol and a Scorpion EVO, but after realizing that 25 yds and in the Scorpion wasn't really any more effective in my hands than my comped & dotted 19 I have switched out the Scorpion for a Beretta 1301T.
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    I'm not discouraging discussion here, but check out some of the previous discussion on the topic by searching here or the blog.

    When out and about the reality is that you will be solving self defense problems with your handgun on your person not the long gun in the car. A long gun in backpack frankly is unreasonable to carry around all the time in my opinion.

    At home I like the idea of an SBR but the loudness concerns me. If you have to go get someone (kids, relative that lives with you) it would be prudent to have a pistol, smg, or rifle that can be handled with one hand, and that will allow for precision shots.

    If not, a shotgun is a fantastic choice for home defense distances.

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    I seriously doubt anyone in normal society is going to be carrying a backpack or even a brief case around with them every moment of the day with a PDW or SBR in it. What you do have with you 24-7 is a pistol. And given my work for the past ten years, and well published and plagiarized everywhere, if that pistol is not a high capacity red dot equipped modern katana, you are not paying attention.

    Set up any qual course or shooting drill for a PDW or pistol caliber SBR and I will wager even an intermediate student of our red dot pistol system will be able to score well...and advanced students will likely clean it handily.

    SBRs, PDW, et al are weapons you have on hand in the office, at home and in the vehicle for those opportunities when you have a degree of warning and preparation. The choice of each depends on your mission parameters. At home, ten years ago, my go to at zero-dark-thirty was a light equipped red dot Glock. Reason: four non-combatants (two kids, two old folks) that had to be secured, physically carried or moved, or shot past in a confrontation. Not likely to happen with a two handed weapon, nor a weapon whose payload was less surgical. Being in AZ I measured each distance in the house and test fired each for zero like a sniper would in a new AO.

    Today, when it is only Shield Maiden and I, anyone making it inside is a hostile and will be handled as such most rikki tik. The weapon by the bed is a Suarez Pointman 12 ga. When you absolutely positively have to kill it in the shortest time interval, nothing on this earth does it better than a 12 ga.

    In the vehicle is a Stakeout - much for the same reasons. We can debate long shots and Jihadis on an overpass and all you wish, but my personal experience tells me that the private citizen's confrontations will all be inside of 25 yards or he actually has the ability to withdraw. Preclusion becomes more reliant on your ability to articulate as the distance increases...and at some point...well, that is for class isn't it. A stakeout can be deployed and fired very quickly and the characteristics of the weapon make it a safer choice in urban venues. Yet with proper ammo choices and weapon preparation, face shots at 20 yards are easily accomplished.

    In the office is another Remington 870...this time a full sized one, equipped with our Raider Package. Should a jihadi or SJW decide to visit and voice his discontent with our Visigtoth-Christian-Company, I can place all nine pellets in the cranio ocular cavity from my desk. But then, I would be racing the Intel Analyst's M4, the Interrogator's AK, Shield maiden's Glock 42, not to mention the bellicose crew downstairs in Technical Services with their sundry hardware.

    The only place I find value for a rifle for me these days is when I venture into the back country. Not to say every able bodied (and even those not so able) should own at least a couple of rifles, but then again, I also own several watches and sets of footwear.

    So...guns are cool. But like tools...determine what you really want to accomplish based on reality and real-life possibles, then decide what will best fit your mission profile.
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    I have an SI G17 set up as a Glock PDW as well as a G21 both with suppressors, RMRs, lights and happy sticks.
    Over the years I’ve had lots of kids in bedrooms that could be hit by over-penetrating rounds (so carbines seemed like a bad idea) or grabbed by a bad guy who would then need to be shot and in the eyeball (so shotguns seemed like a bad idea). So the pistol PDW seemed the best choice. My last kid is about to leave the nest so the SI RMR’d Stakeout and Pointman wannabe are on deck to become the HD guns.

    I can’t see carrying an AR pistol or dedicated PDW around all day. I don't like the idea of a gun in a bag that I have to keep track of all day.
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    Yesterday, the wife and I were at an event, like a big flea market type of deal. Just for shits and giggles, I had my 300 BO SBR and a can in a sneaky bag, which looks like a bright hipster hiking backpack. I carried it around and it was fun...But then reality sets in, and I wondered how quickly could I deploy this rifle vs. my carry handgun. So my choice is clearly the handgun. It also makes me a bit nervous if I had to secure this into my car, 25 years of police work I've seen way too many cars broken into and things of value gone.
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    I carry 30-35 pounds of gear at work, not much compared to a SWAT operator or an infantryman, but a lot compared to most working folks. And that's without a rifle and its loadout.

    It's hard enough to move quickly and smoothly in that gear, especially as the years go by.

    Off duty it's a pistol, backup, spare mags and the usual stuff. Why would I burden myself with a backpack, yoga bag or merse while I'm out and about in public? I move better without impedimenta, and I don't have a bag I have to carry, guard and place. I don't run around with a laptop, either. What a pain in the a**.

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    My thoughts on this have been posted here and discussed in the past at length, so I wont belabor them, except to say there IS a place for PDWs and SMGs (even the Military has come around to them). The question has always been where is that "place". Speed of access drills compared to a handgun are of little use, at least not where the SMG/PDW is cased. A cased SMG/PDW is NOT a first use GoTo choice. Its a follow up tool.

    Look at the Reagan shooting, the Agent with the Uzi isn't part of the "arrest" team, he is looking away, out into the crowd for additional bad guys. The handgun on his belt/shoulder is way faster to access than the SMG in the briefcase or bag; but the PDW is way better at doing what "long guns" do--when long guns are needed.

    We used to "support" SMGs/PDWs around here. We used to recognize that four points of contact (hand hand shoulder cheek) were better than just two (hand hand). Again its about finding the role for each weapon. As Gabe has said, every weapon is a specialized weapon. As a guy who has actually carried a real SMG into real combat and done EP work with a SMG, I can say that it is a good tool; but just like when you need a phillips screw driver, a crowbar isn't the best tool.

    Will you have the SMG handy in the office or at the mall? IDK but unless I was being paid to be at a place where the threat suggested the need for that kind of weapon, I wouldn't be there... At home or maybe on a hike where four legged animals are a greater threat, the "place" becomes more user friendly. Can you carry a PDW in a bag, sure. I think theres a picture of Gabe at a coffee café with a rifle bag at his feet and a comment about some kid liking his skateboard bag. So yeah it can be done; but being do-able and "fitting" the needs comes to mind.

    My bet is you will opt for your handgun more than youll wish you hand a SMG for real use. Your location adds to the determination. Are you rural or urban? What is your threat assessment? Ultimately choose what works for you.

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