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Thread: Glock failures

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    I was issued my gen 3 g21 almost 15 years ago. It has an insane number of rounds through it and has enjoyed every environmental input this sub-tropical AO can throw at it. Swimming in fresh and salt water to make new "friends" or help stupid people, rain, sand, grit, and mung of all sort.

    This pistol has "broken" exactly twice.. both times at the range. But I do carry a back up gun for a reason.
    The first time was about 6 years ago when both trigger pin and locking block pin broke... gun still worked.. groups suffered.. but it still shot. Lots of rounds through the gun.

    Just about a month ago the trigger reset spring gave up the ghost during quals. Tap, rack... no click or bang, No workie this time, but easy to fix.

    Shoot your gun, clean it, repeat. If I didn't train I might have found out about this issues while needing the pistol at work..

    Glocks are the AK47 of the pistol world. The F-150. It is MY war gun. If you dont like them, go buy something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrstang01 View Post
    Looking for comments on this, found on the net. I know I can trust the info from this group.

    "You don't hear about there failures because agencies have to sign non disclosure agreements in order to get the blowout pricing. State Leo's had the strikers assemblies rust up along with the frames rails(nubs) and the barrels at the crown and under the circular opening of the slide. Serration grooves rusted too. There are plenty of catastrophic gluuck failures experienced by Miami Metro Dade officers you will never find evidence of. Free trips and swag for agency admin goes a long way toward silencing their true history."

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    I would bet that these preventative maintenance fails would have occurred with the same officers, in the same manner, regardless of the brand or model of weapon they were issued. The fact that all of the officers in the department are issued Glock pistols does not make the issues a Glock problem. there is not one point on this list that is specific to the Glock brand and would not have occurred with any other brand. Your buddy that promoted this story is an idiot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    You know what...never mind
    I'm interested, please don't hold back. For the record, I'm not a doubter of the Glock system. I said this was neglect. I'm looking for a better way to phrase my argument.

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    All machines have problems, IMPD fielded the 17M for one week and had to collect them all up and send them back for a fix, Indiana State Police had to get rid of their Gen4 22’s and replaced them with 17’s. S&W had problems with the Sigma, M&P, and others.

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    I've had some surface rust and a broken striker tip. Anything else was because I changed something.
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    In 1991 we were the first state SWAT team in Germany who received the Glock 17 as our new service weapon.We have had a minor problem with the first charge. Sometimes cases were thrown in the shooters face. We called Mr. Glock and he flew in with his aircraft and we changed the ejector. Problem solved. Since these days we haven`thad any major problems with our Glock pistols. All special police units in our state use Glock 17, 19 or 26 . Now gen 4 or 5. We can`t complain about reliability. I`ve bought a Glock 19 gen 5 last year in October and I fired a few thousands rounds with no malfunction. So what?
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    Those would be the same guys whose revolvers rusted to the inside of their holsters 30 years ago.

    I work in an environment that is every bit as hostile as miami dade (not talking about the admin). I have one thing that generally rusts on any of the glocks in service. That would be the night sights. Our Game wardens who are on the water in the gulf most of the time (much more water time than even our marine unit) , their glocks (state police use sigs, wardens use glocks) have night sights that rust (even after only a day on the water) but the rest of the gun is fine.

    I tested a G19 by using a sanding pad and scraping off most of the finish on the slide, result? Worked fine for the testing period of over a year and with minimal maint didnt rust (aside from the aforementioned sights)

    Clean it, give it a bath in corrosion X or any other treatment and learn to love the bomb ;)

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    I own a retired TX game department G22, now wearing a 9mm upper with RDS. Yep, those sights were rusty. Same happens to Glocks and other service pistols here. Rains a bit in my AO.
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    I've had multiple Glocks in my shooting career. Of all of them the only one ever had a mechanical failure, a trigger spring broke during class, during the final dynamic drill, and I could still make it function to complete the drill. This particular Glock was a gen 2 G19 with about 500K rounds through it and the smith that fixed it said he'd never seen a factory Gen2 trigger spring in the wild because they are usually broke and/or were swapped out after about 10K rounds. Hell there's even pictures on this forum of me and Sua swimming with ours on a kayak trip.

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    it doesn't surprise, me then again, not much does these days. As Gabe has made very clear, numerous times, anything manmade..
    i wouldn't doubt that some of our customers will and have had issues with their pistol as i've had rusted slides and internals come in. factory extractor plungers rusted to the point that the spring will most likely fail in the next 100 rds if we hadn't replaced it. rusted slides, strikers safety plungers. safety plungers with no chrome plating left. safety plungers with the chrome plating chipped off of only the contact surface. trigger return springs rusted to the point that when extended you can watch dust fall from it. rusted trigger bars rusted at any point. basic maintenance folks goes a loooong way

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