The problem with Passing/Failing is that if your standards are so high that only a couple passed after the training, then either you suck hairy balls as a trainer, you are purposely going out of your way to fail people, or those standards are not realistic for the level of the class.

In every case, you end up with the majority of students leaving thinking they suck. People that suck get discouraged and find something else to do, or simply accept that they suck and move on.

The goal of training should be, and is with us, to make the student better by the end of class. And we do that with just about everyone from teenagers to handicapped veterans. To set an arbitrary "you must pass this or you fail" is a foolish thing to do in many ways, and I don't care who you are or where you have been.

We do not do this and have never done this...and yet, our students show remarkable progress in every class. Standards are a carry-over from sport-centric worlds, or institutional "check off the qualification box" needs. Both which have nothing to do with making better and more accurate killers.

Instead on being fixated on scores and points, skilled teachers should focus on making their students better without punishing them for being imperfect.