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    "There are legitimate threats in the central Asian area, and we should focus on them with effective tools designed for a long game. China is only a peer threat to our military if we are fighting in China, they cannot project combat power around the globe, only the United States can do that in any meaningful numbers.

    Our mission in Afghanistan should now be to prevent China and Pakistan from benefitting from our failure. A military presence in Afghanistan helps, forcing our adversaries to react to our moves on the global stage would be better. And what could possibly be better than advocating for a homeland for peoples long oppressed and divided thanks to those devil Europeans and their damn maps?"

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    Our mission in Afghanistan should now be to prevent China and Pakistan from benefitting from our failure.
    It looks like the USA would have to occupy Afghanistan to have political and economic control. The Chinese seem to be mostly happy to deal with the relevant war lords and powers that be to get their mining concessions. I do not believe that the Pakistanis are planning military control that are any more than border campaigns and incursions. No one in their right mind should be going in to Afghanistan unless they plan to operate like the Mongols did. You resist and we will kill everyone and the dogs and rats too which they literally did in some places that resisted them. We will not be wiping out whole populations. We will be spending wealth and lives there if we stay. What is on the positive side of the ledger books? Some Companies will make some money off of the mineral wealth. There is no guarantee that any profits from such activities will come to the the USA.
    Afghanistan is not in our sphere of influence and no land forces should be committed there period. Let the Russians and Chinese fight over it. If we need to can send out missle/air strikes and perhaps a kill squad to get someone in particular, but to stay there NO.

    We need that tax money spent here. There are plenty of things in the USA that Tax payers can pay for that need doing that are not getting done.

    For example, the county next to mine just ran out their homeless to our county and some of them are camping in the woods not too far from me. Not a whole lot of money to deal with that problem. Our county government just permitted vast tracts of housing to realtors for building, but no money for new roads or schools.

    It GFT. The God over there is Allah, my family is not there, and hopefully none of my tribe gets sent over there.

    Some of the other assumptions in the article were that China does not pose a global threat to us. That could change as they build up the military. But right now they are more interested in controlling their own back yard like the south China sea. Maybe we should do the same. Latin American and Canada are our natural spheres of influence. If we want more, Africa is a lot easier to occupy and also has a lot of potential wealth and they do not reject what comes from the west like the muslims universally do.
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