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    Default Tropical Storm Barry and New Orleans

    Tropical storm system Barry is headed for Louisiana. For now it looks like the eye will hit central-western Louisiana. Big concern in New Orleans is the river is already at 16 ft on the the 20 ft levee and at least one spill way has been opened to divert some water away from the river into Lake Pontchartrain. Normally this time of year it is at 6 to 8 feet. The other day the city was reported to be flooded just from rain fall. The army corps of Engineers says that the Levees will hold even if the water gets to the 20 foot mark. Well we shall see and I am glad I am not living there.
    Looks like Houston should be ok.

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    We are watching this storm closely up here where the Ohio and Mississippi rivers converge! The Mississippi has been at flood level for over 120ish days and still working its way down. The backwater/seep water is extremely deep due to the fact they can't open the gates to get it out into the river. There are several small towns all but flooded out! They predict the storm will come up this are with 3 or so inches of much unneeded rain.
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    I live on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain... I'll get all the wind and rain but I'm in a high enough spot that the water shouldn't get deep enough to flood us... based on Katrina anyway.

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