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    Interesting arguement for three days a week, full body workouts

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    I would love to lift three days a week. However, in my mid-40s I discovered that a M-W-F schedule that included heavy squatting movements on each day quickly led to injury. I found that squatting twice a week, once heavy 3x5, and once lighter 3x10, allowed me to keep making gains without injury.

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    At 50, I'm learning that my body responds better to 3x/week, full-body workouts vs. more traditional Bro-splits or push-pulls that worked well for me in my 30's. I've also seen articles and research other than the link Gabe provided recommending the same thing. YMMV, but I'm a fan.
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    Bookmarked this, as this provides a training template that makes the most sense to me and gives me some structure to what I've been working on doing already. I like full-body best and can only go about 3 days a week and hope to maintain consistency anyway.

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    Back in February or March, I forget exactly, I started lifting 3 days a week with a focus on large compound movements for both the upper and lower body. I have a very physical job as well. At this moment I am drinking a cup of coffee (my pre work out hehe) and getting ready to go to the gym and I have been up since 4 am and put in a full shift already. I have had fantastic results. It took me a couple weeks to build up the capacity though it didn't take much. I generally lift on Tuesdays, Thrusday's and then either Saturday or Sunday depending on activities. I have had third party confirmation too as a couple of the girls at work have commented on my physicality recently lol; The boring one was a driver whom commented on how I was always bigger and bigger whenever he delivered something.
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    I do basically an push-pull/bro split hybrid workout. I work Bis/Tris in one work out, abs and low back on core day, upper back/shoulders, chest and delts, and leg day. This gives me 5 routines I can knock out at lunch each day of the week. (gym is in the office). My problem with 3 times a week/full body, is that with my limited time it would basically be a HIT class where I'd barely get a pump anywhere with each workout vs. targeting where I can smoke out a muscle group, get a swole hard pump and still have time to foam roll and shower before heading back to my desk.
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    Make this easy guys- each day has a push a pull and a leg movement. Squats and deadlifts need to be bookends M and F. This would be my take:

    M- bench variant, squat variant, vertical pull
    W- dip or push up variant, lunge variant, explosive pull (high, clean, snatch)
    F- deadlift variant, over head press variant, vertical pull

    abs and accessories lifts as needed and not overdone. I would make one lift the heavy focus
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    Lift weights 3 days a week

    Kettlebell, battle rope, heavy bag 3 days a week, I try to these outside in the sun, makes ya sweat

    Tai Chi most every day

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    If you are not very strong this might work because you don't use enough weight to tear down the muscle. Otherwise hitting the same body part three times per week is going to cause you to overtrain. This program gives your muscle and connective tissues one days rest before working out again. If you are using any real weight, absent juicing, you are not going to recover in one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve7 View Post
    If you are not very strong this might work because you don't use enough weight to tear down the muscle. Otherwise hitting the same body part three times per week is going to cause you to overtrain. This program gives your muscle and connective tissues one days rest before working out again. If you are using any real weight, absent juicing, you are not going to recover in one day.

    I saw this article earlier today. Like most things, it depends.

    This is something you'll need to evaluate for yourself, and document, in order to make good training decisions FOR YOURSELF.

    I know I personally fluctuate between number of workouts per week, depending on a LOT of factors. I do most of my own programming, often using an existing template like the one in this thread as a rough skeleton. I've run some version of basically everything you can run, workout-wise. 3 full-body per week, Bro-splits, Push/pull, Push/pull/legs, 5/3/1 and variations, Texas Method, you name it. The only one I haven't done yet is a Smolov squat cycle...and I don't really want to. But I still might try it once "just because" and because it will give me more data points on how my body responds to stimulus. I like tinkering with this stuff and treating myself as a human test monkey, and refining.

    For me, workout splits depend on a bunch of factors, including but not limited to:
    -How busy I am
    -How motivated or lazy I feel
    -If I have specific training goals. These have included doing a powerlifting meet, adding muscle mass, taking a shot at a deadlift record, wanting to win a Ninja contest, playing in a good flag football league, losing fat, having a better ski season, wanting bigger traps, wanting to do max-weight pullups, wanting to be a stud at a Crossfit gym, and probably like 100 other various goals over the last couple decades
    -How I'm eating and sleeping

    I just wrapped up an 11-week cutting cycle (used RP nutrition templates) with good results--I'm pretty shredded right now. But the last couple of weeks of it, my workouts kinda sucked and I had to adjust my approach to just do my best to maintain muscle mass while dropping what fat I had to lose (not much). Now I'm eating for muscle gain for about 7 more weeks (using the RP app, which is actually pretty awesome), and switched my workouts to 4x/week primarily physique-focused, with a decent amount of volume and a couple of random metcons thrown in for fun. Once I switch back to maintenance eating, I may drop that down to 3x a week, or just drop into Crossfit workouts 5x a week or so (one of my job perks is the ability to drop into basically any Crossfit gym anywhere and work out for free), which would let me not do any of my own programming and just kinda wing workouts, which is a nice change of pace sometimes.

    I think the template in this article is pretty solid for a lot of lifters who aren't in a pretty advanced category, or who just want a plan to follow with minimal thinking. Because (I'll beat this drum again) the best workout plan in the world is THE ONE YOU'LL DO CONSISTENTLY. 3x/week is really manageable, and you'll make good progress on it if you don't love experimenting on yourself like I do. Just pick basically any proven plan and do the sh*t out of it.

    But experimenting/tweaking this stuff for myself is one of my biggest hobbies, so I'll keep doing it forever.

    So bottom line: find something you'll do consistently. Branch out from there, if you want. The end.
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