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    Default ETA for fully Gen 5 slides?

    I am looking to get a front slide serration, milled for RMR slide for a gen 5 Glock. SI products are generally best in class. I see that the Gen 4 slides are compatible, but have also noted that there are some significant engineering differences in the pins and safety internals between the 4th and 5th gen Glocks.

    Does SI have plans to produce a slide that is 100% to Gen 5 internals? If so, is there any timeline as to when they will be available for purchase?
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    Eventually, but it is not just a matter of punching a few buttons. I don't want to make a slide that will collect dust, and honestly...there are not that many Gen 5 pistols out there yet. Maybe next year. All that said, there is absolutely no reason at all that our Gen 5 capable Gen 4 slide to not work 1000% on Gen 5 frames. They do, and they do with the better more refined Gen 4 parts.
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    It shouldn’t matter if he’s buying a complete slide anyways. If not, you might as well just mill the slide.
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    I sent in my Gen 5 G17 slide to Suarez International and had it milled for an RMR....

    Still has stock/OEM Gen 5 Glock internals, and of course, Suarez suppressor height sights, 1/3 lower co-witness.

    I know, I know, will have to post pics.

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