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    What I am not going to do is roll my eyes back and announce the glory of the new Trijicon SRO like it seems everyone else has done with it and the Aimpoint ACRO. I will tell you what I think and if it upsets some people, well...I am good at that.

    Compared to the ACRO it is 100% better. I am amazed at all of the highly credentialed and vetted, impartial reviewers that never discovered the battery failings of the Aimpoint ACRO, aren't you? And, like everything else on the market, the Trijicon SRO is smaller than the ACRO. Moving on.
    Compared to the standard Trijicon RMR, the SRO is larger, taller, and longer. It does fit the same foot print as the RMR, but only by projecting the lens forward. The funniest thing to me is that all those guys that think they know better and run their iron sights forward of the optic will not be able to keep up with the fashion trends and install an SRO on their $5,000 windowed Glocks.

    The Trijicon SRO sits slightly taller on the slide than the RMR, and the window is higher in the visual field than the RMR window. To obtain a proper cowitness with iron sights, you will need full cowitness height sights in order to obtain a lower 1/3 cowitness. Some people don't care about that, and its just as well. However, a red dot sighted pistol without iron sights is unsuitable for street carry. With the SRO, those sights will need to be taller than what you use with an RMR.

    We tried the SRO on a Glock 19 we are working on and holstered it in various holsters. No issues, although I think it may be a problem in a duty Safariland holster. We didn't have one in the shop, but I suspect that may not fit.
    So what advantages does the SRO bring you?

    If you are averse to removing the RMR to change batteries, the top load will be welcomed. In all honesty, if you follow correct procedures, removing the RMR to detail clean the weapon, replace a battery, or similar, is not any sort of problem.

    If you think the RMR window is too small (the RMR window is actually bigger than the Aimpoint ACRO by the way), the bigger window will be welcomed. But in truth, if you have learned to use the red dot properly, the bigger window will not be as much help as some suggest. We ran some simple drills with both and saw no improvement in speed of dot acquisition at all. Perhaps it is an imaginary thing for some. The larger window has a cost, a larger overall size as you can see.
    Is the SRO as much a POS as the Aimpoint ACRO? Not at all. And it is NOT as durable as a traditional Trijicon RMR. But this is important, I have not found it to be better. If you want an SRO on your new slide or pistol, we will be happy to take care of you. The dealer cost is higher thus the price will also be higher to the buyer. But me, I will be keeping Type 2 RMRs on my blasters and do not see any advantage to "upgrading" to SRO Optics.
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