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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post

    I have a lot of different holsters that I've acquired over time. A few of them are specialty holsters that are only used for particular activities (such as shoulder rigs for hiking or on the motorcycle). But what I use every day is an iteration of the archangel/seraphim, or the Zack/NPE.

    My favorite holster by far was the Archangel version 4. By far the most comfortable and it is my go to. Sadly this one isn't in production now...Kydex makers come and go.
    I remember seeing the 4th generation on Dale Fricke's website, but now it only has the 2nd generation. I don't remember all the differences but do remember thinking it looked like an awfully nice rig.

    On that note, it finally dawned on me that I could compare rigs, sort of, if I used my old Bladetech Klipt holster. I took off the clip long ago to use on my GnS sheath, and now between sweat-induced rust and old skin cells, I can't get the screws out to put it back on the holster. No matter; I used the old body and figured out, Lo! and Behold!, I can conceal to the same degree and almost more easily with just that holster body than with my larger rig that includes a wing. Plus, it was more comfortable. I am certainly more muscular in the abdomen than I was at the time I first bought this holster, which makes a difference for my ability to rotate the gun off to the side, away from the centerline.

    So, Archangel here I come; maybe I'll add a wedge at some point, but probably with Velcro. Thanks for your comments, all.

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    Iíve had the Phlster Classic for a while and use it to carry a Glock 19 with a Suarez slide and RMR. It works great for me in the summer and winter months. Iíve never tried their Flex system. Iíve also tried the Phlster Skeleton and itís plenty comfortable, but doesnít conceal quite as well. Iíve never tried the Fricke holsters, so I canít provide a comparison, but the overall quality of the Phlster products seems better than other holsters Iíve tried.

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    Received the new Archangel in the mail today--dang, I like it so far. Streamlined, minimal without compromising, keeps the pistol in place well, comfortable--I think I may have found the right balance of things, especially since the tucking plate provides some press against the belt so that the pistol rotates in a bit, so long as I keep it to the right of center. Loops are definitely more secure than the plastic clips, too. I'll have to wear it for a bit and do some experimentation to find its shortcomings, which it has necessarily as a piece of manmade equipment.

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    Default Holster Comparison/Advice

    as far as Raw power goes, Myndale here got it to render basic 3D. Its all about using what the processor is good at to offset what its not good at.

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