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    Default Don't do so!

    Body Cam Shows Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting of Man That Charged Officers with a Knife

    Don't do so: bad tactics, bad actions and bad combative skills....fortunatelly no policemen and civilian was injuried
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    My .02 as a civilian...

    There were plenty of obstacles all throughout the
    walk that the LEOs could have used a temporary
    barriers to allow for more negotiation and strategy
    time. The police car & the median, etc. I would not
    have let him back me into a major highway, either.
    The first shots had his partner & other responders
    in the background. Taking him before they got to
    the highway would have kept things more linear,
    but when they got to the highway, it opened up
    the perps ability to maneuver and get to the LEO.

    If I knew the other LEO was gtg on the tactic, one
    of them could have holstered their primary and
    went to less than lethal while they other covered
    the perp with the Glock, which I think is the smarter
    tactic, if possible, for all parties involved.

    The perp was determined to be shot or die that day.
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    Put the cruiser between myself and the bad guy, point in, and command him ONCE to stop and drop the knife. If he keeps advancing, I shoot him until he goes down. If he keeps moving, or gets back up, I shoot him some more. If I wait until he’s within 10 feet of me, or until he starts charging me, it’s too late.

    I was disgusted watching this. Both those officers need to resign, and take a job doing something more their speed. They’re not cut out for police work, or any vocation that involves the possibility of violence.
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