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    Interesting observation yesterday. A pistol that weighs between 13.5 to 14.5 ounces. Weight not being a huge factor. How does its size facilitate concealment. Interesting thing is that if that 14-ish ounces is spread out over a larger area (within reason), it may make surreptitious carry easier than if the weight was more compressed.

    I had occasion to visit an NPE this week and knew there would be security and that they would be visually checking, perhaps wanding. Nonetheless being armed is always important.

    At home prior to leaving I selected a pair of slim fitting jeans and a shirt that would be tucked. I wanted to create as clean a set of lines as possible since security always gives more attention to baggy clothing.

    I tested the Seecamp in the pocket and it printed badly. Normally would be overlooked, but I knew here it would not be. And baggy pants would get a pat down most likely. I played around for a time with some of the arsenal and this is what was easiest to conceal. The only sure way to accomplish the task was junk carry. I used this a few times in the past when doing UC work and then again overseas. It involves tucking the small pistol (preferably some sort of small double action deal) down with the "pillar and the stones".

    Most westerners, and specially latin americans avoid looking at, much less searching that area.

    I tried the Seecamp but it felt small and heavy, and felt insecure there. I tried the J-Frame airweight and it worked, the size f the pistol spreading the weight far more evenly.

    A S&W Airweight tucked next to the junk, and a speed strip in each sock. A large-ish belt buckle would create dissimulation should the J-frame get wanded, and metal in the tight laced boots would do the same for speed strips. The crowd would create pressure on security to let people through before start time so I arrived just on the cusp of the start of the event when they would be hard-pressed.

    This was not the equivalent of TSA nor were there "serious penalties" if found. In any worked well. The buckle was wanded and I volunteered to remove it as I looked back at the line of people. The security waved me through, satisfied it was the buckle.
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    Very interesting. I will have to take a look at this "phenomena", but I get your point.
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    I have gone to a couple of events I will call “cursory security” (half assed bag searches and wands). Not TSA or court room level but enough that normal AIWB carry won’t cut it.

    I like snubbies but I don’t think they are enough when your event might mean a shot across a crowded auditorium.

    For these things I like my Suarez Jawbone (G19 with grip chopped to 26 length) on an NPE holster. I don’t have a good ankle holster for it and even though it’s a small gun it’s still too big to carry fully assembled in my boot. I break the gun down and carry the slide in one boot and the grip/mag in the other. I have a neoprene mag holster and can carry the slide and extra mag on that ankle and the grip/mag on the other. There’s no accessing the gun while in line, once through security I have to surreptitiously reassemble the gun. NOT ideal, but better than nothing and I have a fully capable gun, easily accessible during and after the event.

    While waiting in line, during “security” check and the opportunity for reassembly I have to rely on my hands.
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    I would venture to say that the real concealment issue here was groin carry. As you point out most men just don't look at other guys junk (well most men anyway). Hell Ive worked with cops that don't even search there. That being said, I "get" what your saying about a lightweight J frame spreading the weight; but I think there are better options, especially if youre willing to consider some "carry gear" other than just your underwear.

    This is a great place to consider a NPE holster or even a something like a Smart Carry pouch. While Im NOT typically a fan of Smart Carry, this does seem like one of the few viable roles for it. A Smart Carry or NPE tucked deep would allow for G43 size weapons. Back in the old days (pre G43) I was able to carry a G36 in a Smart Carry.

    More to the point, groin carry is an often over looked deep concealment location.

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    I’ve used the same belt buckle technique several times. Usually for a knife but also for a G42 and as big as a Kahr PM9. With the shirt tucked and belt buckle visible (while otherwise well dressed) the beep at a belt buckle is overlooked.
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