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    Good point. Gabe has said that good outcomes have supported bad tactics in the past. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45Smashemflat View Post
    I can't give too many negative comments, given the outcome. The driver was left uncovered a bit, but appeared scared as shit. The assisting officer may have been able to move off line a bit more - pretty much appeared to go straight back. That's said, they landed steel on target and resolved the issue. I think the biggest gap was trying to balance the need to address the shooter (initial officer) with the uncovered driver-suspect on the ground. Hard call. Proactive anchor shot? Probably not doable in the LEO roll.
    No it is not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
    I gotta caution you against that approach in general. Being alive because you suck less than he did isn't the way to go. Worse, lucky outcomes reinforce bad tactics and the house of cards tumbles sooner or later. Instead debrief your stuff as compared to best practices, even if it had a happy ending.
    This. My sgt was an Armor officer. He calls it "the Russian Method."
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