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    So I bought a HulkFit 1000 pounder (like that's ever gonna happen) and I got it today. Bar is 45# and I'm starting with very light weight (66 on the bar) because of my bum shoulder. The neutral grip is not bad!

    Plenty of room for the farmer's walk, unless I'm walking up stairs. 200 yards plus, down to the target line and back. Surprisingly, pulse only up to 100 or so.

    The bent over rows--that's for later. I can't get that weight up past 90 degrees due to limited ROM.
    Excellent! I just looked that bar up, you have several grip options, all the better.

    The advantages of the trap bar are these: you can stand straighter, the grip is less of a stress on your wrists and shoulders when compared to the classic over/under dead lift grip and you will likely be able to lift more weight when compared to the classic straight bar deadlift.

    I have always been of the school that believes that the most important thing you can do as you go through any lifting regime, weighted or body weight, is to protect your joints. This is an absolute. We all know someone who might be otherwise quite healthy but they have some type of joint injury that precludes them from enjoying certain aspects of their life without enduring a bit of pain.

    May I suggest a bit different weightlifting regime because of your shoulder? The Hartigen method is a way to accomplish a lot of work in a short period of time, and the trap bar is perfect for this.

    It is simply this: pick a challenging weight and then do a set of five repetitions, paying attention to maintaining perfect form. Then, wait one minute and then do a set of four repetitions, wait one minute and so on until you finish your last rep. It will look like this: X5, rest one minute, X4, rest one minute, X3, rest one minute, X2, rest one minute, X1, Done.

    So, with this method, you accomplish 15 repetitions inside of five minutes and this allows you four minutes of rest.

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    I'll try it.

    Tomorrow. Sore today.
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    Tried this last night with my Troy "Hex Bar" and I liked it. I went light and did sets of 5 to get a feel for it, seem to hit the rhomboids, traps, lats, and rear delts all at once. Next time I'll go much heavier and see what is sore over the next few days.
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