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    Will Larson was one of the more respected and knowledgeable instructors in the industry when it came to the AR platform. He was involved with BCM and SIONICS and influenced others like SOLGW. I just took his AR armorers course last week. Definitely a loss to the gun community. He had the "been there, done that" experience, sad to see him fall, especially under those circumstances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post

    So yeah--don't stack the deck against yourself, but cherish every moment you can, even if you do everything right.

    I agree with what Greg said as well, it's a life's decision. Sure there are curve balls in life, but make yourself harder to kill in every sense and don't forgot the "why" either.

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    I will be painfully honest here...maybe someone will say I am anti-military as well as anti-police for doing so, but the day I have to watch my tone to stay in business I will cash in and leave.

    The fact that someone is a good guy, or served his country, or even sold all his worldly possessions and gave the money to the poor, is totally irrelevant to one's discipline, health, physical state, or longevity. When I see someone like this walking around I take offense. I really do. Want me to tell you why? I will anyway because its my forum.

    In the last two years I have lost five good friends. All who fit the category for "good guy" (other than selling their shit...they were capitalists). One was killed overseas doing shit I cannot discuss. Three died of incurable cancer (some will recall brother Chambers and brother Alexander). One died of a genetic heart issue and was already living on borrowed time (you will recall brother Poliquin).

    You usually cannot fix the unfixable. Genetics are generally unfixable. Glyoblastomas are generally unfixable. The bullet heading your way adressed "to whom it may concern", may be unfixable.

    You know what is fucking fixable?

    Physical sloth
    Undisciplined diet
    Food abuse
    Excessive drinking

    And injury, PTSD, or whathaveyou is not an excuse. Anyone that thinks past injury relieves you from life discipline should come and lift with brother Greg...or visit the local gym here and watch an 80 year old dude pull 500 on a deadlift, right next to the Marine with one arm that rigs a sling to replace her missing arm as she deadlifts the equivalent of twice her bodyweight.

    You know what else...I will bet most of you who run your own businesses have had to seek out insurance alternatives, or simply pay cash for your medical services because of people who create a drain on the medical system with among other things, problems arising from - Physical sloth,
    Undisciplined diet, Food abuse, Excessive drinking, and such.

    So if your selfie looks more like the deceased, and less like a lean, disciplined and fit individual, perhaps this will be a wake up call for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AFSOCCRNA View Post
    Most likely Obstrutive Sleep Apnea also
    This was what I was going to say. When your face is the same thickness as your neck, you’re not gonna breath very well laying down.

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    As I told someone damn near half my age very recently after I hiked him into the ground...

    "More miles laddie, more miles..."

    "Embrace the Suck. Your Adversary has."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Very true Anthony.

    Often we hear of the "one example" of the fit guy that died anyway. My old friend Charles Poliquin comes to mind. However, for every Poliquin, there are virtual plethora of Iraqguns.
    Just to add, quality of life up to that point. I get what Anthony is saying and it is easier to enjoy my days and feel gratitude if I'm living how I now know is right. I'd rather spend the rest of my days, even if I pass younger than expected, with self control and deliberate deprivation rather than eating and drinking whatever I want and not training. Being overweight, dehydrated, and sluggish all day every day is for the fucking dogs. Not saying one thing or another about Larson, just speaking to the topic.

    With respect to the departed. I did not know him but I remember him being one of the mods from when I used to visit the m4carbine site. Got tired of what I kept seeing there and moved on. Fair Winds And Following Seas.
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