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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchV View Post
    I suspect that AZ cops would not be told to stand down by their bosses. Oh yeah, and the ever-present possibility that an armed citizen would take the trash out by himself.
    And probably a lot sooner than the cops would get to any given conflict point, too.

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    Portland is ran by raging leftists sympathetic to these punks. If somebody smoked a couple of these marxist foot soldiers the legal apparatus would do everything possible to destroy them.

    That's what they did to Kyle Chapman in California and all he did was wack one of these punks in the head with a picket sign stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faramir2 View Post
    Things like this make me furious, utterly furious. The folks who attacked that old man and the journalist need to go to prison under the maximum sentence possible for the maximum charge possible. Next time a riot like that happens and the Antifa folks start beating up people, especially when they use a crowbar as a weapon, someone needs to start shooting them.

    I do not take the elimination of human life lightly, but in those situations, the attackers deserve to get shot.
    Humanity isn't defined (or shouldn't be) by walking on your hind legs and using a cell phone.

    It should be defined by how you treat the members of your family, your friends and even those you don't know that may need help, kindness, coaching/schooling.

    Those people running the street and enjoying the harm they cause others are not members of the human race, but no better than wild pack animals in the woods/fields that used to be eliminated through hunting/trapping/poisoning to protects those that needed protection (humans or the animals humans use to survive).

    I get so damn tired of that shit about everybody being human and everybody deserving special treatment. What is more cruel, eliminating a threat or allowing it to continually harm others when you could have done something to stop it?

    I'm not advocating all of us go shoot people (that probably need shooting), I'm saying the people we elect and the people our taxes pay for should be taking care of that garbage, not taking it's side against the rest of us.

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    Reminds me of a pack of hyenas, and also the footage of 1030's Germany when Nazi's and Communists were slugging it out. Disturbing and disgusting at the same time.

    2 Samuel 22; Psalm 139:21-22

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Wonder why this isn't happening in AZ???? Any Guesses?
    They have a movement of at least one person in Phoenix that has a twitter account
    Arizona Antifa‏ @Arizona_Antifa 30 Oct 2018

    Arizona Antifa Retweeted Ben & Jerry's
    Thank you @benandjerrys for supporting Antifa across the world! We will make note not to break your windows our next peaceful protest. #resist #antifa #arizonaantifa #nazis #benandjerrys

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    They have a movement of at least one person in Phoenix that has a twitter account
    They won't get ugly because they know they have an 80% chance of getting shot for their trouble.
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