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    +2 copies for me. Anxiously awaiting wisdom
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    Very much looking forward to this. Regarding questions for the book, are there differences in our approach at first officer contact depending on factors such as type of department they're in and age/apparent experience of the officer? Around here there are cultural differences between the city police and those in the surrounding county. The gap is larger when comparing older officers and newer hires. Same play from me regardless, or is there a need (benefit?) to tailor based on who rolls up first? On the other hand I can see how getting too fancy can bite me in the ass. Second, I got a lot out of your comments pointing out how most legal advice is designed to part the defendant from his money. More of that can't hurt. I'm there for pre-ordering if that's an option...

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    Great news! I would like to see brief case studies as examples of the most salient points if possible and also any potential variation from different viewpoints i.e. armed civilian, LEO, armed security.
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    And that would make a fitting third book in a trilogy of Secrets of Reality Based Gunfighting , Combative Perspective and Killing Within the Law. People ask what books I recommend and “Secrets” and Combative Perspective are two that I recommend first. This new one will probably be the third.
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    Credit card ready...

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    Looking forward to it..

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    I would like to see;
    1) home defense - What is justified in using lethal force to defend the home. Special emphasis on home in NPE (I live in NJ)
    1a) The after specifics if lethal force is used in the home, what to say to the first responders how to say it, etc.
    2) Then as a corollary what justifies killing within in the law in a NPE?

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    Maybe a section on the badguys (although that could be its own interesting book)?

    For example, an overview of the different types of hostiles and important notes, with some first hand accounts?

    As an aside, is the reason for no digital form of the book because of possible piracy? I'm buying the book in whatever medium it's available in, however, I'd probably be willing to pay at least double for a digital version...

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    is it available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joatmon View Post
    Take my money now.
    First chuckle of the morning - I was thinking the same thing when I read your post. No idea what to ask for in the way of content, just very interested in the finished product/information.

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