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    Default Matching practice ammo with carry ammo

    How do y’all match your practice ammo with your carry ammo? Do you attempt to find practice ammo that matches point of aim, point of impact with your carry ammo? Or do you pick a carry ammo, zero and then measure the difference poa/poi with the practice ammo? Or what other methods do you use. I understand it is somewhat dependent on what you might be working on...for instance if you are just working on trigger control, it shouldn’t make much difference. But if you are shooting for time and accuracy, you would want to match recoil and Poa/poi as closely as possible or at least have a consistent measurable correlation of distance. I am assuming the same point of aim.

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    Unlikely to happen. Zero with meat ammo, and see where you are with range ammo. It will be close enough.
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    Get the same weight of projectile and it mostly wont matter; Until you start adding distance anyway. At 100 yards the variations show themselves a little more.
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    Gabe, that was my second option in my post. It seems that it should work fine so long as tbe practice ammo is consistent.

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