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    Speed is just one factor. And I wouldn’t say it’s even the most important.

    Education is a good thing but that’s different from proselytizing. There’s no point trying to to change people’s religion.

    Those that want to learn are already listening.
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    If you're so all-fired fearful of shooting yourself in your alleged genitalia, carry a DAO.

    And go hang out elsewhere.

    Pun intended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Unless it puts cash in my pocket, I have zero interested in changing the minds of the masses. I could not care less what people think any more.
    There’s an old saying that “ can buy them books, send them to school, and they just eat the covers...”

    Many don’t care (or never learned) to think for themselves or expend the effort to assess information objectively. They are trained (indoctrinated) to be unquestioning consumers waiting to be told, by an “authority”, to act. This also allows them to maintain and justify their victim status; a highly valued condition in today’s culture.
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