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Thread: DA/SA Options

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    Default DA/SA Options

    So I am putting a full size DA/SA gun in the stable and was looking at some options. I thought I'd see what the tribal opinions are. I am looking for something full sized, reasonably light (I will be using this gun for CCW and run-and-gun style comps), military grade, proven, ruggedness and reliability, good sights, good trigger, mechanical accuracy, and controls and grip where I can reach everything fast and don't have to make weird adjustment in my grip to compensate for the gun. I have big hands (I love the glock 30 and HK USP)

    1. CZ SP-01 Phantom. My first carry gun was a CZ 75D. I shoot the CZ 75 very well, but the compact model is just a little small for my hands and became a pain to train with. If the full size polymer lower version fits my hands, and I put some sights on it, it might be awesome.

    2. Beretta 92 Elite LTT. The M9 was the first pistol I had serious training with, I shot some personal bests with it in Afghanistan, and I still shoot the M9 as well or better than most other pistols on demand (my boss also got the silver star for shooting a guy in the face with it in a highly adverse situation) Of course, it kinda pissed me off when I broke the locking block in half and literally shot the right-side decocker/safety off my issued weapon. But I am kinda in love with the elite LTT version. The trigger is good, the sights are good, I like the G-mod and the A3 slide, and I get an exceptional purchase on those particular grips.

    3. HK USP 9. This gun actually hard to argue with, I've had great results with it in the past, it's built like a tank, what's not to like? Only thing is that there's not a lot of modification or aftermarket support for this gun, and HK hates their civilian market.

    4. CZ P-07. I have zero round count through this gun, reviews are good from people who appear to me non-retards, and my experience with the CZ 75 has been positive, and my hands fit on the controls. I might be willing to give it a chance.

    Non starters: PX4 (sensitive to dirt), all FNs (I just can't make'm shoot straight, period), all SIGs (good guns, but just not into it). Any other ideas? Thoughts?

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    The Berettas get a bad name because guys used them in the service where they were poorly maintained or had too many miles on them. Take reasonable care of it and it would be fine. A little large in the hand, but you knew that.

    I lean towards the CZ line because they do fit well. I've got a 75 BD & a P-07. Not sure if one is any better than the other.
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    Sig 226/229 followed by beretta 92. Manual of arms on the HK is too different unless you have the time and rounds to conduct proper retraining
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Sig 226/229 followed by beretta 92. Manual of arms on the HK is too different unless you have the time and rounds to conduct proper retraining
    Sorry, but this. SIGs have the added advantage of being RDS compatible.
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    SIG P-226 is primary choice for me. I carry it from time to time as well. If that was not available, a Beretta 92. If you could get it tuned...mandatory IMHO, a CZ-75 with the SA-DA system is good as well.

    I don't care for HK complexity nor the CZ Polymer DA pistols.
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    The HK is the only one that’s totally out for me and that’s because they have the worst trigger that is least capable of being tuned.

    I own a Sig P226 and the M9. Both nice. Sig wins because the DA trigger is smoother and it has an RMR.
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    Cool, thanks for the opinions. I think by "manual of arms" you mean the middle finger mag release. I ran one for a while, so I could take it or leave it. Two guys mentioned the "complexity" of the HK system. What issues have you had? Also, Gabe, why are you a non-fan of the polymer CZs? Personal preference thing? Mechanical reliability?

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    What I like about my P07 is:
    It's been reliable, from day one.
    It's accurate (makes my M&P/XDM/Glock/Browning pistols look pretty bad).
    It fits/feels good in my hand.
    Pretty easy to get parts for if you want to work on it yourself or easy to get work done on it if you prefer to ship it off for upgrades.

    I only have that one P07. I've bought a bunch of other CZs since buying the P07 but I keep carrying that P07.

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    P226 would be my recommendation. It's not difficult to disassemble and you can get parts for it from other sources. Mine is very accurate. I had a CZ I had issues short stroking the trigger being used to the P226, in addition to not really liking the feel so I sold it.

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    I have to agree with P226 for the win, followed by the M92. I have no experience w/ the CZ. And as much as I like the HK P30, it shares the same flaw as all of HK DA/SA guns, IMO- a $hit trigger. I've heard they can be tuned to something comparable to a Sig SRT... but at a cost of ~$300.
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