A look at Two Attempted Assaults:

THE KICK-BOXER: At the start of the assault her mind in disbelieve. She cannot except the fact that she is under attack and she tries to ingage her attacker in conversation searching for some other explanation. All the while only making an effort to exit the situation by trying to pull her arms free. Not making a forceful attempt to escape/using her training to fight back.

And that is where the story would have ended-Yet another woman the victim of a violent robbery and most properly a sexual assault-Until the attacker punched her in the face and her nose started to bleed.

At this point her body recognized that she was in a "fight" going on experience/muscle memory and her actions from then on was pure reflex-Closing the distance to take away the "opponents" power, moving into the Clinch and finishing the fight by landing knees.

This takes the fight out of the attacker and he either breaks free and escapes/She lets go of the Clinch once she senses the fight leaving the attacker.

THE DOCTOR-Bites a piece of the attackers tongue of when he tries to rape her and he flees. When the police respond they find the piece of his tongue on top of his pants. The pants left behind in his hast to escape.

The doctors actions indicating to me that she had either made her mind up that she would fight back before the attempted assault-More than likely having treated rape victims before and decided that she would not become a victim herself/At the moment that the attacker stuck his tongue in her mouth she felt such outrage at the idea of him forcing himself on her that she decided to fight back.

In both cases the dr. had decided to fight back. Not only simply to resist but to do so violently and to do whatever it takes.

On the other hand what if the Kick-boxers attacker had not struck her in the face. Or hand a knife and she froze.

In her case she had not made the decision and lacking the will to use her skills her training and experience were almost useless to her.

But to me the above two stories has more to them than simply making the decision to fight back. It points to the importance to study violence.

The dr. advantage over the Kick-boxer being that she "understood" violence better than the experienced, trained fighter. Having being exposed to it more.