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    Default Modifying an Archangel or Gunfighter Holster

    Any suggestions for an easy way to modify an older Archangel or more recent Gunfighter holster to make it ride lower?

    I know that the ride height is designed to allow for a full grip on the pistol from the start of the draw, however I'm finding that with a full-sized pistol the height is too high for my comfort. I would be much happier with the grip riding much closer to my belt line, similar to what I achieve with a Zack or NPE, but with the full coverage and security of a less minimalist holster.

    The Archangel has soft "pull dot" straps. Can I replace the ones I have with longer straps to make it ride lower, or am I missing something important? The Gunfighter has hard plastic belt clips and may be more difficult to modify, but if I like a "low-ride Archangel" I might give that a try as well.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Longer straps might work well. There might be a little more “play” if the longer straps don’t hold it quite as secure. I would say give it a try.

    The plastic clips can be removed and replaced with straps.

    I find that my Gunfighter holster rides just a bit higher than my Archangels, for what that is worth.
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    I've been waiting for a archangel to be posted for sale....
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    I removed the front belt loop on
    my Archangel. I can change the
    cant manually based on if I'm
    sitting in a chair, driving or walking.
    It sort of finds it's own sweet spot.

    Great holster!

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