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    Default Non-original manufacturer magazines?

    So what's the consensus on non-original manufacturer magazines? I'm looking to get some extras for my Sig P320 compact, and looking online to order, I noticed some called ProMag that are compatible with the firearm, just $10 cheaper than Sig mags. Not a good idea? Or are they are reliable? If they're as reliable as the originals and I can save a few bucks, it's a win/win. If they're inferior, they're obviously not worth any sort of savings. Thoughts?
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    I use some of the Magpul Glock style mags other than that I’m pretty factory oriented!

    Ten dollars isn’t much in the big picture and certainly isn’t enough to tempt me away from factory!

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    ProMag has a long standing reputation for being trash. MecGar has historically been a few dollars cheaper than Sig and high quality but I donít know if they make a P320 mag or not.
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    Just say no to promag if you insist on using them use them only as range mags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.J. Singleton View Post
    Just say no to promag if you insist on using them use them only as range mags.

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    Totally agree, use them as tool to get real good at malfunction drills.

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    I told someone, on another forum, that if they were lucky enough to buy a promag that worked they needed to rush out and buy a lottery ticket.

    My cousin insists on buying promags. He buys a used pistol in a gun store, it comes (usually) with only one magazine and he buys one or two more. Many gun shops don't stock much inventory in good quality gun magazines and that plus the low cost of promags leads him to buy that junk. Next thing I know I'm getting a phone call about his new pistol that "jams up all the time." Then he wants to know if I'm coming home for a visit anytime soon and we end up trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

    Mecgar makes the magazines for a lot of factory pistols. But that doesn't mean (for some reason) they are identical to the factory magazines. I run CZ's and I buy Mecgar magazines for them because Mecgar makes CZ magazines and stamps "CZ" on them for CZ to put in the pistol boxes and sell as additional spares. Then CZ adds an additional $10 to $15 to the price of each one.

    I have had issues with some Mecgar magazines in a couple CZ's. Is it Mecgars problem? Or does CZ send some pistols out with slightly different dimensions in the magazine well? I don't know.

    I've been told Mecgar makes the Beretta 92 magazines. Don't quote me on this but I seem to remember they make some of the SIG magazines. I have zero experience with SIGs or magazines for them.

    I can tell you the Korean Glock magazines I bought years ago didn't work. Four out four didn't fit in the mag well of my Glock without more force than the Glock labeled magazines and they caused feed issues. I even bought Glock followers and springs for them and sanded the outside plastic layer down to improve their fit in the magazine well - they still jammed.

    My secret to magazines is to watch for sales and buy several. If you have more than you think you need you should have enough.

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    OEM, MecGar, Magpul.
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    I have never heard anything good about ProMag, except that they are cheap.

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    As Papa said...For Glock...OEM or Magpul. For SIG of any sort...OEM or Mecgar. But a more interesting inquiry, why go slumming at other forums where anyone in their right mind wants to buy ProMags.
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    I sold a few ProMags when I worked at a LGS in the area, and I never heard anything good other than price point, either (and heck, if it doesn't work, the money is wasted, so the price point is blown). If no one aftermarket worth purchasing from has altogether jumped on the 320 mag bandwagon yet, it is almost certain that they will, given the number of the pistols that have sold.

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