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    Default Anyone have a good chilli recipe

    I know Texans do not consider it real chilli with beans in it but I like beans in mine. Lets see your recipes.
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    You can add beans but I usually get the fattiest chuck roast I can find, slow roast it, use all the grease from that as a base, chop the meat up and then you can add ground wild game for flavor. After that it’s just tomatoes, tomato paste garlic, onions and peppers (whole, chopped or ground. I use jalapeños, cayennes and ground red pepper) until it tastes right. The longer you cook it the better it gets.
    If it doesn’t have the strong fatty flavor you can throw in some bacon or butter.
    Chili is easy to taste and tweak as you go as long as you make it a day in advance. I’ve had decent chili that was thrown together in a couple hours but good chili needs to be slow cooked for at least one 8 hour cycle (I usually do 2-3).
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    I'll vouch for this one.

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    Well l don’t know about the beans ( I like beans in my chili) and I am a Texan .
    Chili is a personal thing . Here’s a rough outline.
    Start with a pound of bacon chopped ( good thick cut bacon) . I use wright bacon.
    Brown till crispy. Add 1 1/2-2 pounds of meat. Course ground meat, groud pork, venison or any game.
    Now it’s time for the spice. It’s important to add the spice while the meat is browning. The base is 1/4 cup chili powder, 1 tablespoon of Smokey paprika, garlic,salt and pepper ,cumin and some heat red pepper or chose your own ground or fresh peppers. Make it your own.
    Now veggies tomatoes fresh or canned,bell peppers ( any color) onion. Wait on the beans till it’s done.
    Add beer or chicken broth start with 2 cups. Simmer for at least 2 hrs.
    Adjust to taste . Add the pinto beans
    Hope this helps.
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    How spicy can you handle things? I have a really good recipe, but its also on the upper end of heat for the vast majority of people. I can always tailor it down and swap the Reapers for Habs. Let me know how hot you can eat and il post it.
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