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So lets make a very clear distinction then. Painting all Karate with the popular culture brush of Karate Kid is like looking at fatso Taran Butler and then saying that what we do is the same as what he does because they both involve pistols. McDojo bullshit is not Karate...no matter what they call it.

Real karate is a very dangerous world that involves hitting hard and getting hit in just as hard a manner as what you see in a typical UFC fight. And yes...there is ground fighting there even if getting to the ground is not the end goal. Back in the old days, I used karate on the street against real non-compliant bad guys regularly. I have choked and knocked out and broken bones on dozens more bad guys as I have shot. You won't see McDojo, nor Soccer Mom Krav do that.

So lets be clear about that and eschew the broad brush. You want to see real karate...the old karate...come and have a look at Brent Yamamoto or myself.
Distinction made. I'm not bashing old school karate (That is what I learned, ryu kyu kempo) just the modern equivalent that has been PC'd to death. You guys are a bit jaded where you are having access to yourself and instructors like Brent (who's video's I watch as often as I can) that use these arts to live another day. I look at it at the perspective of the uninitiated trying to find a school to have their kids learn how to defend themselves. IF they stumble upon a good school it's by pure luck. The OP comment about the instructor who wants to make everything taught to be reactionary is a recipe for getting your butt handed to you. PS, if I ever get out your way I would love to take you up on that.