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Thread: Kimber revolver

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    Default Kimber revolver

    Has anyone shot one of Kimber's new revolvers? I looked at two of them last week at a Bass Pro Shop and was very impressed with them. They are beautiful but quite expensive.

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    I want one too. No real reason, just toy lust.

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    I got to shoot the 3” barrel, DAO version. The trigger was surprisingly good, very smooth and quite light especially for DAO.

    Unsurprisingly, 38 loads were gentle (we didn’t have any +P though) and 357 was stout.

    There is not a rough edge on it. I had no holster and just used Mexican carry for a bit. Even trying to fumble the draw, it slides out from concealment like Greg smeared with Astroglide.

    I know nothing about the internals, how complicated or robust they are. I don’t fully trust Kimber and no idea how well it will hold up, but I was quite impressed with it.
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    IMHO, a revolver today has the role of a hideout. The modern day derringer hidden in a pocket...carried when you are not allowed to carry something else. And brought out preemptively and a punch that continues through the target. A full sized steel revolver that weighs as much as a fully loaded Glock 19 is of little interest to me.

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    A heavy, expensive revolver from a company with questionable quality. I think I'll pass. I shot one and it shot great, with Kimber's past that could easily change a 1000 rounds in.

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    As an old time revolver guy, I did some Errornet research into this pistola over the last few years....

    1) one major recall early on d/t failure to put locktite on some frame screws at the factory. Brings up the question of need - most other revolvers donít use/need it.
    2) of greater concern, several issues of crystallized/broken firing pins if snap caps arenít used when dry firing. I have not been able to find any responses/suggestions from Kimber relating to this. Again - trust Internet information based on what you paid for it. Anyone have additional info?
    3) tough getting speed loaders that work with all grips. Double check if you get one. Holsters also can be a PITA.

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    The 640 Pro is better imo
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    What does it do that smith and wesson and rugers will not do? Revolvers for me are not so much for self defense but more for their ability to function well with special loadings like shot cartridges. In fact there is a 3 inch barreled 5 shot stainless steel .38 spl loaded with shot in my pocket right at this moment that I use when going about my place for the occasional pit viper. Every week or so I swing the cylinder out and make sure that the action is not mucked up with dirt, etc and back in the pocket holster it goes until needed.

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    I would personally not have anything to do with anything that comes from grant cunningham. I understand he was a codesigner of it.

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    Although I have no need for one, I think it is very well thought out. Decent night sights, no sharp edges, slightly thinner design, good grips, smooth double action, are all features that have been lacking in production revolvers.

    If they had it in a lighter weight, say titanium, I would probably buy one.

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