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    Default REAL FIGHTS

    No mutually agreed upon combat, no starting at distance and working to close the gap. Watch and comment.

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    No feints or other competition-type set ups for the strike...just close distance and BAM.

    I don’t know the set up to this but it doesn’t matter. If you see someone approaching you with INTENT, I recommend getting your hands up and moving off your X.
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    From two perspectives:

    The son who threw the punch: Made a decision and acted decisively. Didn’t posture, didn’t warn, didn’t “put his dukes up.” He connected because he meant to and the guy dropped.

    The guy who got dropped: Aside from “he screwed with the wrong people,” he was unaware, not ready, not willing, paid for it.

    Bonus perspective.

    Bitch slap guy: Got bitch slapped.

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    The dropped guy is initially walking with his hands in his pockets, that could indicate he has a weapon of some kind, however, his demeanor would indicate otherwise. As the son walks straight to him the guy goes into submissive state of mind. He brings his 2 hands towards the attacker, but without aggression or strength and there is no weight shift. He is standing straight up and not in a position to fight or flee and he is in a submission/negotiate posture. The Son on the other hand is determined has good body position and weight transfer to initiate the attack. As had been pointed out, there is no posturing or tells of what is to come. He is not negotiating, he has already decided to attack and is just closing space to do so. it would have been interesting if the guy that was submissive was a fighter. He had his 2 hands out in a negotiating posture, but with attack on his mind he could have had his hand up and ready to attack. Action beats reaction and the dropped guy could have begun that with wth an advantage, but his mind was not there yet and was stuck in submission/negotiation mode.
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    The fact that the dropped guy was in submission mode says it all. He didn't want to fight because he knew he'd lose. All he was hoping to do was defuse (wasn't going to happen) the situation. It's a safe bet there was history there, and the "slugger" had had enough of dropped guy's BS so he decided to finish it even before he drove up.

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    I may have misread part of the scenario (I did watch the video several times and may be overthinking it), but it looked to me as though son/puncher used a small feint w/ his right hand to set up the left hook--his right hand came up and toward the other dude, who appeared to turn his head that way a bit, and then the left hook was thrown.

    Regardless of what exactly went down in that respect, guy who got whacked was not ready to begin or finish a fight. Puncher's demeanor finished it before it got started, as his body language dominated the communication and, maybe more importantly, the space.

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    I was invited to a friends twenty first birthday. Arriving a bit early, I joined my friend and his dad in the backyard, with the handful of the other guests while they started the fire and got the meat ready that would be barbegued later that evening.

    Hearing the doorbell my friend excused himself to go and greet the new arrivals but instead return with two police officers who was responding to a noise complain by the neighbors.

    They told him that they drove past the house a couple of times looking for the house with the loud music until the neighbor walked out onto his driveway and pointed out my friends home.

    Glancing around the officer stated that he had never being sent to break up such a quiet party, with no loud music playing and with hardly any guests. My friend then explained that the party had not even started yet and that he was still waiting for most of the guests to arrive.

    Both of them then told us to enjoy the party and jokingly said that they might even pop in for a drink later once their shift ended.

    Once my friend joined us again he started telling us, with his parents chiming in that they have had trouble with these neighbors since they moved into their home more than ten years ago. Ranging from visits by the police for nonsense complains, blocking their driveway with a vehicle-So they have to park in the street/Cannot exit their driveway. And of course having to constantly defend themselves against outright lies that turn into gossip and then quickly change into rumors that are spread around our small town.

    Quietly listening to them venting their frustrations the only thing I could think was why they have not put a stop to the harassment. You are basically allowing people to terrorize you, placing you under constant mental and emotional strain literally for years.

    I would invite the neighbors over for a cup of coffee right at the start in an effort the clear the air, keeping things friendly and relaxed. If the harassment continues this will be followed by a stern warning that I will not allow myself and my family to be terrorized and will take the necessary legal steps to protect us. And finally backing the warning up with action if it falls on deaf ears.

    Thinking on the topic some more I realize that as Martial Fighters we react strongly to something like this because living assertively we take somebody "putting their hands on us" emotionally and mentally just as seriously as somebody physically placing their hands on us.


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    The first person who knows he's in a fight usually has the advantage. The fake with the right hand was also helpful.

    Re: the dog running around wagging his tail and enjoying other people's misfortune reminds me of so many people that I know.

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    I was blessed to learn this lesson early in life, while still in high school. I had set up and was expecting a fair fistfight with a guy after school, but when I got there, he decided to start striking while I was taking my pullover winter coat off. That lesson was seared in my consciousness ever since: there's no such thing as a fair fight. If one of my fugitives refuses to follow my orders, he'll get tased. If someone starts doing the monkey dance, I'll snap out my expandable baton. If a group of people start threatening me, my gun will come out. And most importantly, they'll know by my expression that I'm eager to use it. I don't care about squaring up with someone for a fair fight; my only concern is winning.

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    When I was a bouncer I used to see this very thing happen on a nightly basis. Someone acting bad or a wannabe tough guy messing with the wrong person get dropped. The tough guy doesn’t talk shit, he just drops you. This goes back to what has been discussed here many times, being deliberate. The aggressor in the video had full intent to punch this other guy in the face. Granted, the other guy was obviously no kind of fighter, acted like a submissive soy boy. Being deliberate can make up for certain things to a certain degree.

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