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    Default Finally got some time in with my TAC-14

    Was finally able to make some time to go to the range with my new TAC-14. Had to set it aside as the initial purchase did not leave much left for ammo until the next payday. Went with a few cases of Winchester AA Reduced Energy Target Loads, 5 Boxes of Remington #4 Buck 2 3/4, A case of S&B 00Buck, and 5 rounds of 3" in various loads ranging from #4 Buck, #1 Buck and 00Buck.

    Took my first shot from the hip at low ready just to gauge the recoil from the AA RE. The rest of the tube was shot at eye level at 15 yards. Every shot was pretty easy to make. Loaded up the 9 pellet 00Buck and had no issues whatsoever with recoil using the push/pull technique. The #4 was a little harder kicking and had a beautiful fireball, but still no issues whatsoever. Was even able to push the 00Buck accurately out to 25 yards at eye level with sites and by this time I could shoot the gun aimed very quickly. Ran about 200 shells before trying out the 3" loads, just because.

    The 3" in 00Buck and #4 were still controllable at eye level, but followup shots were slightly slower. #1 Buck was pretty brutal and took a few seconds to be ready to fire again safely. Will be saving those loads for their primary use in my stocked Winchester SXP Defender. I would not mind one bit keeping a 3" #4 or 00Buck in the chamber, and the rest of the loads #4 2 3/4 for capacity. I really loved seeing the fireballs from the 3" loads in this... Almost makes me want to buy a box of movie shell blanks to try out in it sometime just for fun, and to practice shooting low light alternating the bright flash blanks with #4.

    All in all, this is a fantastic gun to shoot. Cannot wait to see how it performs when I can afford the Slug sights and porting. I think the first upgrade will be the +1 Extension though. My wrist was not anywhere near as sore as the time I shot a PGO 12 Gauge, and this gun is a nice little workout for extended shooting, my arms felt great the rest of the day and into the next. I think this is going to be one of my favorite guns to shoot.

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    They are addictive.
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    Get the porting done before anything else. Just sayin'.
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    Porting, yes! I also added the SI folding brace. Like it a lot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    They are addictive.
    Now THAT’S an understatement!

    And +1 what Papa said. Porting and RMR...and of course SI Shotgun class in Fall. ;)
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