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    I'll try it. I bought a 48 to play with, but haven't gotten to the range once yet. It feels good. I've got a bit of dry fire work in with it, and that leaves me optimistic about the performance. But only time will tell. The extra grip material on the 48, as compared to the 43, feels more like a real gun. While it gives up a bit of concealability over the 43, it's still more concealable than the 19. It's a half-size. I really want to play with the 48 and 43 in a ground fighting context. I am pretty sure that the 48 is going to be noticeably easier to draw than the 43 while someone is pummeling me into the mat.

    While I doubt it will be produced any time soon, I would be interested in an extended mag for the 48. When carrying a 19/17, my spares are Magpul 21-rounders. They aren't any more difficult to conceal than a 17-rd mag. If they extended the 48 mag, the same should apply. Even a simple +2 would be welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post

    I see the G43x and G48 as supplements to the G19/17, not replacements.
    Spot on. I just purchased a G48 for the few times clothing or NPE environment make the G19 a less than optimum choice.

    I made 3 simple modifications to the G48: OEM smooth trigger face, Trijicon HD XR sights, Ghost maritime firing pin spring cups. That's it.

    I plan on doing a long term evaluation of the G48, but my initial impressions (first 200 rounds) surprised me.

    Specifically, it's a very soft and accurate shooter even compared to the G19. The Gen5 trigger is better than my Gen4 setup (Gen3 trigger bar, OEM minus connector, 6 lb. spring). The thinner trigger guard produces no Glock knuckle in my hand, so I won't need to get undercuts.

    For me, the two negatives are the 10 round capacity and the iron sights. At 50, that front sight is just a blur and after 15 yards my accuracy falls off; in contrast, my RMR's on the 19 and 17 are long distance shooters.

    Time will tell.
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    We do have a way to add an RMR to the 43 series now, so no need to be saddled with other lesser optics.
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