I think I understand the rage, stubbornness, maybe even the unwillingness (or is just being hesitant?) to make an effort to be around other people.

I retired early. I could have kept working, but it was a matter of time before my mouth went into motion before my mind was in gear (as dad used to say) and got me in some kind of HR/manager/PC trouble. Tough being truly honest with people/situation these days. Tough doing the job the way it should be done to allow you to go home at the end of the day knowing, absolutely knowing, you've done the right things to make it better than when you got to work at the start of the shift.

Retiring early was a very good thing, for me anyway. Greatly reduced the number of stupid, uncaring, unknowing people I have to deal with every day. I still hate to call HR and deal with those people when I have a need to change something about my retirement/medical insurance, etc. It is so difficult, sometimes, to find someone who will do what they say, do it right and get it done right now.

Those old cars aren't as friendly as having a dog or three but they will provide you with something to spend time, effort and money on and once you get them going a certain amount of fun when out on the road. You'll have time to do what you want to do when you want to do it and only as long as you want to do it. Time to spend with your wife. Whether it's watching a movie, enjoying a sunset/sunrise, or taking trips without having to cut something short in order to get back to work.

Not sure where you live but one thing I really enjoy here is looking out the window on some cold snowy winter morning while I drink a cup of coffee and I know I don't have to scrape ice, push snow, or drive with the idiots that think 4WD means you can do 70 in a 55 without any worries. We sit here, listen to the sirens of the police/rescue squad going up/down the road to the accidents and are thankful we don't have to be out there in it.

Good luck and stay busy doing the things you enjoy, as much as you can.