Contest: The standoff and longing

I sit on the couch pondering my hour long pistol training session in the back yard. I review my own (I guess I can call it this) after action report, disseminating what drills I failed, aced, and didn’t perform to my personal standard. My body still cooling off from the heat of the Memorial Day sun. I wonder to myself “Will I ever be able to get off the X fast enough? How can I be more accurate without taking too long to press off a shot?”

A little about me. I am a 31 year old father of 3 happily married. I live a dull, mundane life working for a government entity. Ever since I was a child my dream was to be a police officer, but instead I listened to other people’s ideas for my life that took me far far away from this. One day I woke up 30 years old and 370lbs. Enough is enough! I have finally had it, time to get in shape and go after my dream before life gets away from me.

Keto diet and exercise have yielded good result. So far I have dropped 100lbs in the past 8 months. Lots of running and bicycle riding have become a daily ritualistic obsession. Watching every little thing I put in my mouth is surprisingly the hardest part of all. Years of soft living and plentiful unhealthy food have resulted in a “successful life body” Jabba the Hut would be proud of. No more! I have the warrior spirit, now the mind and body must be bent to my will and forced to follow.

As I sit on the couch typing this an emergency tone blares from the police scanner a few feet from me. (Voice from the radio) “all officers please hold traffic for Arcadia drive units”. A standoff has begun. A man with a pistol has threatened his neighbors then proceeds to barricade himself in his house. “When you arrive from the north cover is more important than visibility” one officer states giving directions to units arriving on scene. “Does anyone have a long gun?” The house is surrounded and a perimeter is quickly established. “Let me try the PA in my squad, I’ll call him out”. I decide to google maps the address and to my luck there is a street view available. I start to check out the house and surrounding area. What would the best avenue of approach be from the north? How about the south. Hmm not much cover available only a few puny trees.

I ponder these things or a few minutes wishing I was there dressed in a uniform rifle in hand taking up a firing position facing the house. Settling in for what will most likely be a few hours of looking at the outside of the dwelling with no movement. My friends all tell me I am crazy because who in their right mind would ever want to be a cop in todays world? Maybe I am a bit crazy but deep down I know I was born a warrior. Never again will I let others tell me what I should do with my life or let myself make excuses as to why I can’t do something.

F.y.i. The suspect gave up after a few hours and was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Thank you Gabe. You and your crew have inspired this fat boy to get sorted out and do some good in the world.