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    Default Beretta mag "swelling"

    I've run across something new, at least for me. I have a Beretta 92 magazine that sticks in the magwell when it is loaded. I can't see any cracks or deformation, but when I load it up, it won't go in. If I take a few rounds out, it will seat with force, but won't drop free. When it is empty, it seats and drops free normally.

    This is a Beretta branded, 17 round magazine.

    I've already ordered Mec-Gar 18 round replacements.

    This seems weird to me, any of the tribes Beretta aficionados ever run into such a thing?


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    See it all the time with old mags. Glocks with the dept. and
    M9s with the unit. Just throw the mags into the spare bin and go with new ones.
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    Ran into this on some Mecgar 14 round .40 S&W CZ75 magazines a couple months back. Ordered three new ones and loaded them up when they came in. Extremely hard to get the 14th round in even with the maglula loader. Then they would (barely and with a lot of force) seat in the pistol, but not drop out. Download them to 12 rounds and they inserted and dropped out just fine.

    I took the +2 extended bases off them and put standard bases on the magazine tubes and was good for 12 rounds. Then I had an issue with the follower not fully moving the slide stop upwards to lock the slide back. Ordered three +10% magazine springs from Wolf (I think) and that took care of the slide stop issues.

    Sometimes you get brand new name brand stuff that has issues.

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    Thanks for the replies. That mag was definitely going into the reject pile.

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    I have two Beretta PX4’s. 9mm & .40. Three factory Mecgar mags each. All six mags when fully loaded will hang in the grip. No problem with insertion. When they are (even near) empty, they drop free. I like it that way. Always pull mags fee anyway.
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    I have at least one M92 mag with this problem. I can't remember if its a 20 round mag or one if it is one of the longer ones. It won't seat in my CX4 when it's fully loaded.

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