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    Blanton's = good stuff, collect all of the horses. Yes, there are two different N's. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look closely at the stopper. (Yes, I have a whole set...)

    Richland's Rum = if you are a brown rum person, give it a try. The cane is grown in Ga, and processed in Ga. Really tasty.

    Knob Creek 120 proof is the current open bottle.

    Bottom line, it's all good, try what you like, and enjoy.

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    The best brown liquor I've had is Belvanie 15. Amazing! I personally feel Blanton is overrated. A place around here serves Honey Jack and Coke with a Slim Jim in it, from what I hear its great.

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    I’ve recently scored a couple of bottles of Angels Envy Rye, do yourself a favor if you can find one, buy it. Simply put, one of the best Rye Whiskey’s I’ve had to date. Not as spicy as most ryes, with serious carmel(to me) finish. Some people say butterscotch, others say maple, I taste Carmel, but very good!

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    Normally an open bottle of Knob Creek around the house. Special pours are usually an EH Taylor or Booker’s. I’ve always thought Buffalo Trace to be an excellent value bourbon.

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    Has anyone tried Michterís? They make a bourbon, a rye and an American whiskey, but Iíve not tried any of them.

    How bout Tin Cup?
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    Those are both quite good, particularly the Mitcher's Sour Mash. Tin Cup is a good one from Colorado. If you like it, try Breckenridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Tull View Post
    Nice! You should also give Malort a try if you ever run across it. It's mostly in the Chicago area, but sometimes bottles sneak out to other parts of the country.
    I had this when I was living in in Chicago. I thought it was a joke, at first. Poison was my second thought. It has an...interesting taste.

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    I prefer Blantons and Woodford.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Tull View Post
    Yep, from Sweden. That was Malort. I gifted the bottle to Nichols after CQB.

    Brent and Brightlightman, you two obviously don't know good liquor. In fact, I just went online today and ordered another bottle.

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    OMG that's classic right there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    It tastes like getting picked on in the 3rd grade... or an abortion clinic in Iceland.
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