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    Old Line Naval Strength Rum - 114 proof -

    two navy pilots one a citadel grad run the place

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    45,000 barrels lost at Jim Beam, all still green at about a year in aging, which will probably put a dent in the supply in 2-3 more years. Over a million gallons of the lovely brown liquid gone, and maybe more if the wind changes the smoke pattern.Can you say Kentucky fire sale, or smoked bourbon?

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    I like Buffalo trace quite a bit. Knob Creek is the usual go to in a bar. Every now and then I'll come across a bottle of Pappy. I say that but I might have 4 drinks in a year.

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    Default Brown Water for the Sophisticated Palate

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    if syphilis had a flavor...... Malort would be it.
    I say, Watson, the first three letters of the name should be a ...clue...!

    Greg wins the tasting notes competition!!

    House bourbons (because she prefers):
    Knob Creek
    Wild Turkey 101

    Also on hand:
    Knob Creek Rye

    Searching for:
    Angels Envy
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    CRG-3 Advanced Gunfighting, November 2-3 2019, Mapleton, OR

    From Murphy: "Incoming has the right-of-way" (so, GOTFX!!)

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    Buffalo Trace, Very nice. Also make a great vodka.
    Woodford Reserve - Great for sipping.
    Both have very good tours!
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