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Thread: Fitness Goals

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    Default Fitness Goals

    I'm working at becoming more active on here and more active physically as well. To that end, I'm posting my current status in several areas and my goals, for the sake of having it out there to hold myself accountable and have it written out.

    Build, for Context

    - 6'2" tall
    - 167-ish pounds
    - Long-everything ectomorphic structure (aka, bad build for lifting things, generally).


    - Back squat: Current: 260 (1x1). Goal: 340 (1x1), by year to date.
    - Deadlift (standard): Current: 235 (2x3, haven't maxed in a while). Goal: 340 (1x1), by year to date.
    - Overhead press: Current: 115 (2x2). Goal: 155 (1x1), by year to date.
    - Pullups (bodyweight): Current: 5x5. Goal: 10x10, by year to date.
    - Pushups (bodyweight): Current: 1x35 (failure). Goal: 4x35/1x100 (failure), by year to date.

    As you can see, my upper body lags behind my lower sorely; price of spending so many years playing soccer and focusing heavily on the kicking aspects of martial arts w/ TKD, I suppose.


    - Marksmanship: Current group @ 10 yards, w/ irons: 1.5". Goal: 0.75". (Not an absolute thing, but I'd like to bring my marksmanship back up to where it was at one time.)
    - Movement w/ pistol: Practicing sporadically; goal is to train movement with weapons (Diagonal Lines, Watch Your Back) minimum of once a week.
    - Movement generale: Practice TKD forms in the most practical, meanest pattern I can re-learn minimum once a week.
    - Sprints (sorta strength but also an element of fighting): 200-yard sprint is currently around 30-35 seconds. Goal: 25 seconds, by year to date.

    And now I have some goals and someplace where other people can see what I want to achieve. In the words of Willy Wonka, "Here we go."

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    It's good to post about your goals and milestones. I have a couple of threads dedicated to just that because it holds me accountable to you folks and allows me to track my progress, pics, and adjustments in routine and diet.
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    Several years ago after I retired and ammo was unabtainable/ext. expensive and I had gained 30 lbs., I resolved myself to get back to killing shape. I just hit the road and hit the gym again. I kept everyone else out of it. My wife knew what was going on. I'm almost back where I want to be. My goals are personal to me and I of course I am only accountable to my self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    It's good to post about your goals and milestones. I have a couple of threads dedicated to just that because it holds me accountable to you folks and allows me to track my progress, pics, and adjustments in routine and diet.
    Your threads gave me the idea, actually, along with Dorkface's. The periodic updates give me workout ideas, too (although not at the same weight, lol--still a skinny guy over here, with long arms).

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    I agree that its good to post your efforts, goals and such, it helps.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing some good progress.

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    Strong goals, brother. Good luck with your training.

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    Thanks, all. These will be difficult with law school starting in two and a half months, but here's to using steel to stay sane while hitting the books.

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    Best of luck with your physical and academic pursuits.
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    Thanks for sharing. We're on the same page
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    Posting goals for accountability's sake is an excellent tool. One in which I have shied away from in the past. So, in the spirit of accountability, I'm going to try my first Murph (without the weight vest) on Monday. Not sure how it will go, since I've slacked off the running a bit over the last month after completing a couple of 5k's with the Mrs., but I'm going to give it a go, and see where the chips fall. I have no idea what my time will be, other than the benchmark to beat next year.

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