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Thread: Fitness Goals

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    Quote Originally Posted by prestojo View Post
    The main thing is showing up. Just consistently hitting the weights for the last 18 months has been huge for me. My key has been showing up and doing SOMETHING, and not worrying about the weight on the bar or number of reps. Just show up and work, at least some.
    This is actually a big thing. Make it routine, even if you're only there for 15 mins for a quick pump in your work clothes
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    One thing that has really helped me is to have a few abbreviated routines that only take 15-20 minutes if I'm pressed for time, or can stretch them out if I'm struggling to get something done. Working night watch, I can usually get PT for the last hour of my shift 3 days per week. And, some days I'm just not feeling it. I've found by starting off with 50 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing and to wake up that about 90% percent of the time I feel ready for my normal warm up and routine.

    One of my favorite quick workouts is alternating 5 sets of a heavy single on deadlift with 10 weighted dips.

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    A shitty work out is better than no work out. One has to be careful not to let that be their prevailing thought though. On days I am feeling sluggish I will have some coffee about a half hour before I lift. I dunno if it actually does anything or if its a placebo effect but I feel energized afterwards and crush weights. Also I like coffee so it a win win lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    I tell people all the time that motivation doesn't equal discipline.

    "I'm just not motivated to go work out" is what I get from people.

    "So? I'm almost never motivated to go lift heavy-ass weights. I'm almost never motivated to do a metcon that makes my lungs feel like they're catching fire. I'm almost never motivated to say 'no' to a night of drinking, or to tons of crappy food. But I AM disciplined."
    This was very helpful to me this morning. I was feeling sluggish, and did not "feel like" working out. But I remembered this post and gave it a go anyhow, because it's not about motivation, it's about discipline. I felt 100% better after the workout than before - as is often the case!

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    Thanks, folks; I tend to get caught up in whether I can get in my usual 35 min. - 1 hr. workout that I prefer. It is better to keep the routine and at least get in some weighted pull-ups and push-ups, or ten minutes of sprinting, than to forgo it entirely.

    Ten minutes of sprints--there's my workout for tonight, after dinner and a movie with my dad for belated Father's Day gift.

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    This has been a better week on the fitness front, with a full-body weight workout Monday, sprints Tuesday night (less than I preferred, as I got to talking with a neighbor at the end of one 100-yard dash, then was informed dinner was ready), and deadlift workout last night. I need to go to the chiropractor and had some harebrained notion of doing a couple of 3x5s with moderate weight (185 and 225, respectively) and then attempting a new 1RM at 275. The 1RM didn't happen (unsurprisingly), so after noting I needed to go home, I ended with a heavy single at 255.

    Now on for some dryfire/airsoft work, forms, and speed tomorrow morning.

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    Been lil' dilatory both in posting to this and actually working out, but a quick update. Did a short session of deads yesterday morning, working up to 255 for a 1x2, 1x, 1x3, 1x2, and 1x1, after some lighter worksets earlier on (don't remember all the numbers). Even though I hadn't eaten particularly well the week prior and had done nothing for fitness, other than walking a total of 11.28 miles around Philly a few days before, I was pretty happy with what I could get into a 25-min. workout. Now I feel it in ever part of my posterior chain, which is gratifying.

    On another note, I had the misfortune of needing to visit a clinic today to get blood drawn for school-required immunity tests. They did the usual vital signs stuff, including weight and resting heart rate. I weighed in at 172.6, which made me smile, because 1) It confirmed what I've measured at home, which is that I have put on about seven pounds of muscle over the last few months, and 2) The nurse taking the measurements didn't know I was wearing my VP9, GnS, and two spare mags, in addition to the usual pocket wares. My actual weight is around 3-4 pounds less, but I could still see the weight increase. Plus, my heart rate checked out at 66, and that wasn't even fully-rested. Thank you, weight work, for an increase in muscle and in cardio performance.

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    Update from the last few days. Monday was a squat night, which didn't go quite as I had hoped; I worked up to 205 or 215, IIRC, with only a few work sets. My right hamstring/hip adductor started complaining and felt like it would consider pulling if I kept going, so I laid off for the night. I had gone swing/ballroom dancing on Saturday night (met an awfully pretty girl, too), played soccer for a couple hours on Sunday, and then lifted, so my legs had a right to be sore the next couple days. Tuesday I focused on rowing and chest (low cable rows alternated with sets of pushups, then dumbbell bench press and bent over rows).

    This afternoon was back to my old favorite, deadlifts (which helped release the last tension from my leg work). 1x10 @ 135 for warmup, 3x7 @ 170, 3x5 @ 205, 3x5 @ 225, and then a heavy single. Set a new 1RM: 275. I was pretty happy with that, as I had had to work a bit over the last several weeks to bring it up from my last record of 265. Been making gains, since maxing about 205 back in February.

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